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A lesson in reinventing

Article about: Q: what do the 3 items below have in common?????? A: They were ALL made by the same company!!!! The firm of Rudolf Wächtler & Lange ( maker '100' ) made EK1's ( as well as many other TR

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    An important German medal / badge manufacturer was FLL ( Friedrich Linden – Ludenschied ) As an identifier, they used FLL in three circles (F) (L) (L) on many of their third Reich badges.

    After the war FLL turned its activity to making simple ’box’ cameras. It is possible to find many variations with different brand names : LINDI, LINDAR , RIMEI, RIMCO and the BRAUN brands like REPORTER where Linden were a contract manufacturer. Where Linden made their OWN brands it is possible to see the same FLL in the same three circles (F) (L) (L) as appeared on the third Reich badges!


    The Linden factory is still active - in the same town, but manufacturing something very different than cameras but more close to their original business of badges - but now for cars !

    Jaguar, BMW , VW ,Volvo, Nissan and other major cars manufacturers use badges made by FLL.

    Kalver Str. 26
    58515 Lüdenscheid
    145 employees

    LINDEN is a plastic and metalworking supplier for the global automotive and telecommunications market. The focus is on producing sophisticated, decorative plastic parts as well as emblems and lettering.

    On their website, the following is stated …
    "LINDEN is your specialist for surface-finished components made of plastic. For over 45 years we have worked for the international automotive industry. We develop and produce logos, badges, decorative trims, night applications and operating parts, the highest quality and design standards of OEMs meet. This is one of our core competencies to create with specialty coatings highly polished surfaces, which are a perfect complement to the chromed designs "Thomas Seitz -. Managing Director

    FOR OVER 45 YEARS?? ( the TR period has been conveniently sanitised out of the company records! )

    Cheers, Dan
    " When you're chewing on life's gristle, don't grumble, give a whistle "

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    Quote by Danmark View Post
    FOR OVER 45 YEARS?? ( the TR period has been conveniently sanitised out of the company records! )
    Surely an administrative oversight?

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    Another company that reinvented itself was F.W. Assmann & sohne – also based in Ludenscheid.


    Now known as ASSMANN WSW components Gmbh, the company is a worldwide supplier for standard and custom tailored electronics connectors, computer cable harnesses, heat sinks, patch cables, USB ports, & audio and video cables.


    Your DVD player or Computer may well have Assmann built cables coming out of it!!!

    The company history states - 'Quote' - The industrial activities and company history of the ASSMANN family is starting in 1826. ASSMANN & Söhne did produce metal buttons for the clothing industry and as well medal decorations for the military. Later on in the 20th century ASSMANN & Söhne became famous for being one of the pioneers for heat sink technology. ASSMANN WSW components today is offering more than 41 years of experience within the electromechanical and heat sink markets.

    “ as well as medal decorations for the military” …… well, at least they admitted something!
    Once more, the “sins of the fathers” rates little mention.

    Cheers, Dan
    " When you're chewing on life's gristle, don't grumble, give a whistle "

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