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Long lost nazi diary found

Article about: Top Nazi's long-lost diary found ... in Buffalo

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    The discovery of Alfred Rosenberg's diary is an important find; if the diary is real. I don't know if it is or isn't, and I don't have an opinion one way or the other. But I do remember the discovery of Hitler's diary and that H. R. Trevor-Roper certified it to be genuine, only to discover that it was all a hoax. And I also recall that the German magazine Stern bought the story hook, line, and sinker, and ran the diary in serial. And, please, keep in mind that headlines that declare "History of Nazi Germany may be Revised" are per se suspect. In all probability, assuming the diary is genuine, the history of the NSDAP period will be supplemented and expanded, but I seriously doubt it will be revised. Then there is the attorney Kemper who was only suspected of having it. And the fact that the diary was found in a house belonging to a person associated with Kemper's secretary sounds a little bit like the diary came from a guy who met a friend of Rosenberg's neighbor whose sister walked Bormann's fill in the rest. And why was a member of United States Homeland Security involved with a representative of the Holocaust Museum in the search for the diary? Is this going to be the basis for the next Indiana Jones movie? As our British Forum members say, these are early days, so don't jump on the wagon quite yet. Let's see how this discovery plays out. If it's genuine, we can all be anxious to get a copy of the book. If it's a fraud, we can all be smug and self-righteous that we weren't duped that those fools in the media. Will the diary be translated into English for publication? Almost certainly, and not just in English but in dozens of languages. Dwight

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    These are the items which most fascinate me. Documents and diaries have a certain personality to them. If anything I am more of a WW2 Historian than WW2 collector. Most of my books are about the inner workings and personalities of the TR. My 2 favorites are "The German Generals Speak" by B.H. Liddell Hart and "Inside Hitlers Headquarters" by Walter Warlimont. You get a different feel about the war than what is the "traditional" documentary, History Channel views... You read the transcripts from Hitlers meetings at the Wolfs Lair and the Berghof and it makes you feel like your actually their and listening to it.

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