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Lowball/Cheap Dealers

Article about: It seems that dealers these days are paying less and less for there items. I have been both buying and selling for about 2 years now and I remember when dealers gave you 50-60% of retail. I

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    Default Lowball/Cheap Dealers

    It seems that dealers these days are paying less and less for there items. I have been both buying and selling for about 2 years now and I remember when dealers gave you 50-60% of retail. I had a guy offer me $50 for an iron cross first class by c. e. Junker!!! How do you respond to these lowball offers? Even reputable dealers claiming to offer 80% of retail only offer 20% or slightly more. Has anyone else noticed this trend? I am interested to know if anyone else had this happen multiple times and how they handled it. Thanks, Greg

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    I Buy and sell as well (just as a hobbie) but I dont get crazy offers given to me. Yes I get good deals every now but I never get 50% off, where do you shop! lol

    I am bringing most of my pieces in from overseas because I cant find stuff here that isnt already expensive. Postage is the killer was well, especially on heavy items. I find dealers harder to deal with sometimes and most are not willing to bargain. I dont mind doing a deal, if it leads to more business in the future, and I have a few regulars now because of it!

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    Try the sales section here.

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    Don't sell to dealers - Their motto has always been: "Buy low, sell high".
    I only consign with dealers because they don't pay decent rates.

    For a really low-ball offer, try a pawn shop.........!


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    Yes it happen to me and other collectors, i agree with wolf consign or use for sale sections on fourm.
    By the way i am looking for EK1 ill offer you $75! but really i am, if in good shape i might take it offer your hands for more the $50. If you are getting rid of it.

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    Default Re: Lowball/Cheap Dealers

    I will try selling some items on this site in the classified section the next time I want to sell, or consign with the local militaria dealer. Thanks for the advice! Thanks, Greg

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    Dealers in Militaria are pretty much the same as any other retailer, and are just as affected by the bad financial situation as anyone else.

    At present there's likely to be many people selling their items (either to cover debts, the rise in living costs or other expenses). In essence its not a great time to have a hobby and be shelling out /$$$ for something. In essence there will be other priorities to consider at times like these.

    This sounds great for the dealers, who can then take their pick and give lower prices on the items being offered. However, they're then faced with the challenge of selling it at a time when people haven't got the expendable income to buy anything.

    Nevertheless, this doesn't excuse those dealers who (as you say) "pay low, and sell high". If they're not careful they can be metaphorically cutting their own throats because they'll find there simply isn't the customers out there willing to pay their inflated prices.

    A more sensible option would be to pay a reasonable price to customers wishing to sell (which would then attract other people willing to part with their items) and then place the militaria for purchase at a similarly affordable rate which in turn would help stimulate the market and create further customers.

    As others have noted above. Buying and selling through classifieds and individual collectors would always be a better option.

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