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Macro Photography

Article about: Is there a relatively inexpensive way to obtain acceptable macro shots of things like the hinges and clasps of badges ?

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    Default Macro Photography

    Is there a relatively inexpensive way to obtain acceptable macro shots of things like the hinges and clasps of badges ?

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    You need a camera that has macro settings. I use an old Fuji S5100 finepix camera that is about 10 years old and I get nice macro shots with a little practice. It's one of those hybrid automatic cameras that still allow you to choose different settings. It was not too expensive years ago and it continues to perform well. I'm sure you can find something similar in used condition for not too much.

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    I just use decent digital camera with a macro option, proper lighting, and crop and edit the photos after.
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    Thanks for your responses.
    Best regards

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    I know you asked for an inexpensive option. This is not the cheapest but I purchased a used macro lens for my Sony a6300 body. Using a dedicated macro lens (for an amateur like me) takes a bit of learning and a tripod but the results are excellent.

    See my test photos. Some of medals and some of helmet decals.

    Test Photo Feedback?
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    A tripod or beanbag is a must to eliminate any camera shake.
    I also use the self timer so that my shaky hands don't cause any camera blur.
    If your camera alows you to set the ISO setting, select a setting 100 or lower (60)
    Also practice, practice, practice.
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