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Magic parcel

Article about: Hello people, I received this parcel today... a Great Thanks to Chris for that...but have you a idea about Inside ? thanks Sebastian DSC00460.jpg.

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    thanks for this honnest answer Youthcollector1

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    Nice visor Seb no doubt good original I like these I have several marked the same way I also have a M-36 or so mantel with the same marks however it does have the 722 Statni marks and some Russian Cyrlic marks also so maybe youthcollector is right on the Russian connection. timothy

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    A five page thread of which only half a dozen posts are actually of any value.

    The hat should be posted in the Third Reich cloth headgear forum and without the waste of forum space these threads always seem to generate.

    Why bother doing this everytime a new hat arrives?

    Any interest in what is in the box evaporates after the umpteenth inane answer and most members loose interest in discussing the contents because of the way they're presented.

    I hope future threads of this type are binned as soon as they're started and maybe new items are shown and discussed in the right place and in the right way and without the forty unecessary posts attached to them.

    To avoid any more waste of space this thread is closed.

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