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It makes me sick !

Article about: I've just read this , i'm disgusted !! Reward of 2,000 offered as 90-year-old woman

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    Not another sad news....
    Imagine how many crimes like this happens everyday without knowing.
    I hope that ar$chloch will get caught and receive a heavy penalty!!!

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    This is evil and disgusting - and it happens in every country. I grew up in the bush here in Australia and I've killed loads of animals that I've had to for various reasons, kangaroos injured on the side of the road, chooks for eating and so on. I've never got any enjoyment from doing it, in fact in most cases I thoroughly did not enjoy it, it is just something that I had to do. I would have no qualms about removing a worthless piece of garbage like this from the face of the earth and would do it with a smile on my face. I've often thought how these worthless pieces of crap would better serve humanity by having their organs harvested to save the lives of those who do contribute to society, ordinary, decent people who work hard to make an honest living.

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