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Manions down the tubes

Article about: For older US collectors like myself an interesting note. I have learned that the Manion's auction house went belly up. I hope no one on our forum is owed money or has any items consigned the

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    I just noticed that Jody Tucker, the owner of Manions, is selling all kinds of Military consignment items on Ebay. I can only assume that these are items he took when he closed Manions and is trying to sell for his own benefit. He sells under "JodyTucker" as the seller ID. If you look at his closed auctions you will see many thousands of dollars of military sales. I have been told that he never collected military items, just Boy Scout. These items must be the property of consigners. Anybody who lost money should band together and get the items confiscated and the money seized for the creditors benefit. What a scumbag!
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    I just had a look and it did not appear that there was many 1000's of $'s worth of military sales on there, though perhaps I got the wrong seller.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    I checked too and don't think this guys stupid enough to be fencing stolen property on eBay.

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