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MAX Show

Article about: Hey guys, Who's planning on attending the MAX show in Pittsburgh this year? Luckily for me I live a 2 hour's drive away. I have never been there before so I am pretty damn excited about it.

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    Quote by ObKrieger View Post
    I didn't spend a penny there which was kind of the goal since I am in the process of saving for another endeavor similar to my buddy Gizmo's here.

    Can you mention some of the other things that stood out at the show?

    I'm sort of wondering what I missed out on...

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    Hey Obkrieger, I could'nt make it this year, had to work, really fill sick about it too, oh well i'll save for next year, i live just below pittsburgh, about an hour away, i've come back with some nice things the last couple of years.

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    Quote by GIZMO8Z View Post

    Can you mention some of the other things that stood out at the show?

    I'm sort of wondering what I missed out on...
    Oh man, you wouldn't believe the things that were there. Bill Shea was there with a few rows of SS helmets. A table with a couple of tunics and helmets was one of the small ones! Here's a quick list of some of the things I can remember, which isn't very much because I felt like I was high the entire time:

    A matching 1943 SVT40, several G41's, a german HBT tunic that I almost had a guy traded for which had a silver SA sports badge, a Demjansk shield, an Ostmedaille ribbon, an M44 heer breast eagle, and matching signals medic shoulderboards, hundreds of helmets and tunics of all shapes and sizes, guys with display cases absolutely full of SS insignia including shoulder boards, collar tabs, sleeve eagles, and cufftitles, a ton of WWI stuff (enough to make Oradour need a couple extra pairs of pants), M1 helmets galore, complete U.S. uniforms, boots, guns, shells, etc, etc. There was pretty much an abundance of anything that was ever used by anyone during WWI and WWII. One guy even had one of those British jars that were used for liquor rations, I can't remember the name of them at the moment but they are next to impossible to find over here in the states. One table had a display case with an 8x40 display of German badges for sale.

    The deals didn't last very long but I found a matching K98 bayonet and frog for $60, a cased Mutterkreuz in Gold for $50, and a beautiful minty Schwerin Minesweeper badge in tombak for $130. It was basically a euphoria I can't even describe. Go there next year and experience it for yourself. lol

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    Awesome man... I'm upset that I missed it. It's def. on my to-do list for next year...

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    I'm really sorry about the lack of pictures, guys.

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    Here you go, gentlemen. I felt so bad about forgetting my memory card that I did a little searching around WAF and got permission to post these photos of the show. Thanks to Matthew J. and Mike Davis from WAF for these.

    This is just a fraction of what they had there. Don't you just want to grab it all and run...
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    You can also google The Max Show and it will bring you to it's site, it has videos of past shows.

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    id be happy to walk out with this case alone!

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    You are so lucky!


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    Here are several more, courtesy of a fellow who chose to go uncredited.
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