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Max show report

Article about: "Good Evening Mr. and Mrs. North America ... And All The Ships At Sea... Returned last evening from the MAX and personally, my wife, daughter and I had a nice time. From what I am about

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    Default Max show report

    "Good Evening Mr. and Mrs. North America ... And All The Ships At Sea...

    Returned last evening from the MAX and personally, my wife, daughter and I had a nice time. From what I am about to say, you must take into consideration that I have not been in the mainstream of militaria collecting for the past nine or so MAX Shows and that I attended this one for a different purpose ... to promote myself and to sell my book and as a side, to offer for purchase some of the artifacts from my book. This venture for me was quite successful. Both collectors and dealers purchased my book and I had the opportunity to examin many items brought to my table by individuals. Many of them had energy connected to them.

    I had a great time meeting some of my old friends and talking with them. My friend Don Boyle had some great items at his table and he and I visited several times at each of our tables throughout the show. I met my old friend Robert "Bob" McCarthy who I hadn't seen since 1992 and had the opportunity to meet many new and interesting individuals. And I can't leave out the Military Nut as he and Don were together at the show. I also had the opportunity to meet a really nice gentleman from Zweibruecken, Deutchland, Thomas Skrzyniecki a high end, out of print book dealer. Really good books on many typed of militaria and other wartime material. He had the table next to mine. His business is called Army Book. Here's he website: Fachbuchhandel Militärbücher Fachliteratur Zeitgeschichte Literatur Bundeswehr Verlag Uniformen Ausrüstung Waffen-SS WaffenSS Orden Ehrenzeichen Waffen Munition Bewaffnung Schusswaffen Buch Bücher Film- und Tonträger Musik-CD's Musik-MC's DVD's - IAT

    As for the boycott of the MAX that was being tossed about on the WAF, I don't believe that it was as affective as the thought it would be. Yes, a few dealers were no show but this is normal. Those collectors that did not attend only hurt themselves. When I had the opportunity to tour the show, I did notice many dealers sitting behing their vast array of combat and other awards twiddling their thums or reading a book. From what I remember the show from nine years ago and other years past, it did seem that on Saturday the public was a bit lighter than what I remember.

    One ironic situation took place on Friday evening at the hotel where the seminars were being held. Not part of the MAX Seminars but was held at the same time in the same hotel, was one other that had a fee of $15.00 to attend ... that was by the controversial Author David Irving.

    Now for the comedy part ... Hold on to your hats! For the entire show Craig Gotlieb seemed to have a need to be the center of attraction by physically "scooting" around the isles on a two-wheel electric scooter, the kind that some local police use to chase suspects up alleys ... Zipity,Zip up and down the isles from room to room. He was wearing one of those ear devices attached by a coil wire to a communication device that was attached to his back belt, just like the Secret Service wears when with the president. This kept him in constant communication with his table where a good looking woman was holding down the fort while Zippy Zipped around. During this attention grabber I noticed his cell phone being used at some of the tables where he had stopped. I would venture a guess making deals or locating items for others. Personally, I cannot fathom why the MAX promoters permitted him to do this or the expo mart. If he would have injured someone the legal actions would have went Zip, Zip for himself, the promoters and the expo mart. I wish that I had taken a picture of it.

    Photos are of my setup at the show.
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