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Members beware

Article about: This is just a post to warn others of a very strange dealer, I TAKE PAY PAL . I don't know how many of his items are fake, but he called me in response to a local ad I h

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    Default Members beware

    This is just a post to warn others of a very strange dealer, I TAKE PAY PAL . I don't know how many of his items are fake, but he called me in response to a local ad I had placed and told me about his website. I went to the website and didn't see anything of interest, so I thought that would be the end of it. Well, about two weeks later, I get another call from the owner asking me if I checked the website. I said yes but I unfortunately did not see anything of interest to me. At this point, the dealer said that I didn't want his items because I'm too cheap or can't afford them. I said that this was not the case, to which he responded with expletives, calling me a "piece of ****." I hung up the phone at this point. The entire episode was totally unprovoked and unexpected.

    It was a very strange experience and I don't recommend dealing with this person.

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    Erno: The guy is obviously a nut and you are smart to avoid him like the plague. Thanks for the heads-up warning. Dwight

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    Wow, now he sounds f*cked up. I've had similar encounters here from an add I posted, not as bad, but similar. Never dealing with that guy, thanks for the warning mate!

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    He is asking 20$ from a Soviet cockarde, that you can get for under a dollar. Definetly a nut.

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    Guys, I think your assessments are about right.

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    No suprise here. He joined the forum and had a short stay......then tried coming back under various false names. Avoid.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    Business must be real good Top notch customer service

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    Maybe his drinking water comes from some of that contaminated mine tailings water....

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    NOTHING to do with me HONEST.-----------lol

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    I posted an ad on three weeks ago seeking a Volkssturm Wehrmacht armband. This same exact guy, named John Goral, from rommel-lebt contacted me saying he had one and wanted $90 for it. I said no thank you, I'm looking to spend around $50 but thanks for the offer anyway. After that he started sending me several emails that said "OY VEY WHAT A DEAL", like he copied and pasted it several times. I emailed him back and said "Hmm...I don't think I'll be sending you money any time soon."

    Avoid I TAKE PAY PAL like the f*cking plague.

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