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Memoirs of German soldiers

Article about: Hey Polski44 have you read that book? I would love to know

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    Default Memoirs of German soldiers

    has any one been reading memoirs of german soldier such as Blood Red Snow, or the Forgotten Soldier

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    Default Re: memoirs of german soldier

    I have read both books mentioned and i thought they are both very good. Blood Red Snow was the first i ever read and set a high bench mark and a long fasination with reading memoirs.I did hear that Forgotton soldier may be fictional or part fiction but im not sure myself.I also Would recomend German Sniper On The Eatern front by Sepp Allerberger This book is queit graffic in places and may not be to everyones taste i have also heard Rumours that this book may be fictional aswell but i have read about Sepp in The German Sniper 1914-1945 and in that the Author seems to have interviewed him. It does mention in the begining of the Sniper On The Eatern Front that the name Sepp Allerberger is a Pseudonym Im sure some one else here will put me right.I have read quiet a few now as im sure other people on this forum have.If you would like me to give u a few more titles to read just let me know.

    Cheers Chris

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    Default Re: memoirs of german soldier

    Forgotten soldier is an excellent read that I would highly recommend to anyone. The other books mentioned i have not due to the rather poor reviews that I read.

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    Default Re: memoirs of german soldier

    Hello chris and Vaughan, thank you answering, I have read the forgotten solder and I am reading Blood Red Snow, it is very difficult to tell if any of these books are exaggerated. I wish if I know any veterans so I would ask them. But if you know any other books to read, please feel free and send me the names.

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    Default Re: memoirs of german soldier

    Just read that "Forgotten Soldier" is now going to be made into a movie. Many years since I read back in my teens.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: Memoirs of German soldiers

    Hi Guys,
    Here are some titles I enjoyed-
    Feuer! -An Artillerymans life on the eastern front.
    by Werner Adamczyk
    Heaven & Hell- The war diary of a German paratrooper.
    by Martin Poppel
    Will we see Tomorrow? -A German cavalryman at war.
    by Max Kuhnert
    For the American GIs point of view try-
    Foot Soldier by Roscoe C. Blunt. He gets pretty graffic though, writes about playing soccer with the head of a dead SS trooper.

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    Default Re: Memoirs of German soldiers

    hey...Do you guys think blood red snow is appropriate for an overly inteligent 11 year old?
    Trevor In Cali.

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    Default Re: Memoirs of German soldiers

    Imo its not a graphic book like some ive read so if youngsters have a real interest in history then i say read it.But if your are the parent/gardian then you should read it first. just my 2 cents

    Just a thought but Visor_cap_collector are u that 11 year old?

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    Default Re: Memoirs of German soldiers

    While they are not your "typical" German WWII soldier's memoirs, I just finished reading "Der letzte Zeuge" (= "The final Witness"), the recently published memoirs of Rochus Misch, and found them quite a good read.
    While one is, of course, familiar with the wartime events he describes, it is always interesting to hear about them from an eyewitness perspective and to learn more about this man's life before and after the Third Reich period.
    The book is also well illustrated throughout with photographs - many of which previously unseen - and even two foldout pages detailing the layout of the Reichs Chancellery complex and the Bunker.

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    Default Re: Memoirs of German soldiers

    Blood thin snow is a good book for anyone, but it has some grafic discription of some action that cause some people being killed, be carfull. Currintly I am reading a book that is called SEVEN DAYS IN JANURY by WOLF T.ZOEPF.

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