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"In Memory Of Eric Zentner - An Untimely Passing"

Article about: In my deepest tears,,,,I have just received phone call that Eric Zentner has been killed in a car wreck. I recieved this call from his i am quite shaken. He was working on a 197

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    Our prayers and with you and your family during this time of loss.

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    I am honored to be amongst all of Eric's friends.

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    He was driving and didn't make the exit he was trying to take. We wonder if the brakes failed. It was a 1976 Camaro that had belonged to his Grandma. He was so proud of that car and had been working on it for the previous two weeks. A terrible tragedy.

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    Nice to see you here Beth.
    I guess you can tell, Eric had a lot of friends here

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    Great to see you here Beth. He was the best. As you can see he had friends from all over the world and We all thought a lot of Eric.

    I specialize in M1 carbines and Lugers.

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    All the best to you Beth and thank you for coming onto the forum. You have all our love from down here in Tasmania.
    Dave and Eliza

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    Quote by Beth Fraley Zentner View Post
    I am honored to be amongst all of Eric's friends.
    Hi Beth Im glad you made it have alot of support from many members around the world.
    also..this is how you use the quote this way you can address each person if you like..separately. The other members here also will help you out with any tech questions. Best Regards Larry
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    My prayers are with the family in these times...BILL
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    Welcome Beth!
    In toughts with you.

    - - ------- - -

    Welcome Beth!
    In toughts with you.
    Always looking for Belgian Congo stuff!

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    Hello Beth. As John above said, we all thought a lot
    of Eric and will miss him.........


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