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Midway - "The Movie"

Article about: I fully expect scathing reviews just from watching the trailer. Was even thinking they should have titles it "Pearl Harbor - Part Two"... But here is the first official review I ha

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    Better have that romance/love story or it won't cut it!!! yep awaiting that review Phil!

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    Don't hold your Breath, I work tomorrow and then It Veterans day and I have things to do for that!!

    But I do plan on seeing it. I just came from the B17 site and more have chimed in "Excellent ".With one comment that I thought fit this threads decision" I have been disappointed by the pointy head LIB media critics who panned the movie. "

    I'll see it and chime in when I do.
    I'll also add I was about to see it Friday, BUT with the reviews given I DIDN"T!!!!
    Semper Fi
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    Just got back from the theater. Overall it wasnít as bad as I expected. The wife liked it. It had its historical inaccuracies (highly expected) and its outrageous tough guy lines but it wasnít too much of a love story. My biggest disappointment were the special effects. It didnít look real. Iím pretty sure some video games nowadays have more realistic explosions and smoke etc. Over all IMO not bad

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