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Mikhail Kalashnikov dies at 94

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    Kalashnikov invented a rifle to kill lots of German soldiers in the most efficient manner possible. It was designed to be used by motor rifles, armored infantry in the assault. It is short, easy to maneuver inside an APC, It fires fully automatic first, as the need is for suppressive fire first, accuracy second. It was designed to be simple, robust, reliable and easy to maintain by poorly educated conscript soldiers. It has functioned exactly as designed in the harshest of conditions. Heat, cold, mud, sand, water, careless maintenance, grungy ammo, crappy magazines, the "Klashin" can take it.
    There are dozens of variants, the most popular being the AKM, with a pressed steel receiver to both lighten the gun and make it cheaper and faster to produce.

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    Quote by cammobunker View Post
    Kalashnikov invented a rifle to kill lots of German soldiers in the most efficient manner possible.
    That might have been his intention, but during the War his automatic rifle lost out to a competing design and was first adopted post war hence didnt kill a mess of Germans.

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    The 'AK47 10 Speed Bicycle'?!

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    Well one thing is for sure Kalashnikov has left his mark in the world of small arms and armed conflicts, in some African countries kids have even been named "Kalash". I'm willing to bet in a hundred years those assault rifles will still be being used in a war somewhere!...
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    Default The Great Creator has Passed.

    mikhail kalashnikov died this morning at the age of 94.
    A man who has forever changed the face of military engagements and military history
    Rest In Peace

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    He wouldn't have designed it like he did, had he not had the German Stg44 to examine....

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    A talented engineer indeed and a fine weapon, but I know which I would rather have.
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    True, but still very talented designer/engineer. The stg 44 played an important part of the development of ak47.

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    and the N. Koreans copied the Russian hat. I have never fired a stg 44..but I can say that the design that carried over to the Russian SKS ..proved to be smooth handling with very minimal kick back
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    Funny, I was just discussing this last night regarding the innovations of the AK-47 and the STG44...there's really nothing to debate, it's obvious. There's a video on YouTube showing a shipping container or something, that was found in Syria that had several hundred, if not more, STG-44's stacked in piles!! Hopefully they will be available on the open market instead of being used in a civil war..
    Regardless, Mr. 47 was a brilliant designer and I believe he introduced the use of a stamped metal receiver as opposed to the machined metal receiver found on the STG44.

    RIP old boy!

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