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Mikhail Kalashnikov dies at 94

Article about:

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    Quote by Datrus View Post
    Yeah but this term is being heavily misused to brand all sorts of semi auto rifles as being "evil firearms". Now a Ruger 10-22, semi auto AR/AK platform etc can be branded as an "Assault Rifle". So i prefer not to use it. However i would think most forum members will of course interpret the assault rifle term correctly.

    Is the H&K G3 a shortened lower powered round assault rifle chambered for the 7.62x51? LOL
    Quote by Datrus View Post
    I don't like the "assault rifle" term.
    Quote by lithgow View Post
    What is the problem with the term 'assault rifle'?-that is what the literal translation of the German 'Sturm Gewehr' is-the whole concept of the weapon is that of a rifle that uses a shortened/lower powered round that allows the individual soldier to fire fully automatic during the advance to suppress the enemy, a task previously done by SMGs.
    Lithgow. First of all, I agree 100% with your post/definition of the 'Sturmgewehr.'
    Secondly, I also abhor the term 'Assault Rifle' in regards to the ongoing gun debate (especially in one great nation - veiled, so this doesnt get political).
    Lars says it very well and I wholeheartedly agree.
    The term has become a blanket term for any rifle, that even remotely looks like a military rifle. It is widely used for AR15-type guns, which of course in no way can be called assault rifles, as they are semi-automatic.
    Rabid anti-gunners use the term to promote their agenda. This combined with the ignorance of the general public (outside this forum of course) does ill service to gun owners. The term is freely used by both groups, which often overlaps.
    You just have to listen to the anti-gunner rhetoric and it clear, they often dont have a clue as to what they speak of.
    Due to the general ignorance and the agenda of the anti-gunners, some 'innocent' hunting rifles are even besmirched with the assault rifle term.
    As Lars mentions, even lovely hunting rifles/plinkers like the .22 10/22 from Ruger will in some incarnations be called the term, as all kinds of 'evil' looking spare parts can be had for it.
    Ive no doubt, that you have a pretty good notion of what defines an Assault Rifle (as clearly demonstrated in the above) and many here will have knowledge about guns as well.
    Its in other circles that the problem lies.

    The term Assault Rifle might be used as a 'buzz word' in another country and maybe thats why you ask....., but then in your own country, gun owners took a massive hit years ago hence it might not constitute a problem there (that most people dont know sxxt from shinola in regards to what makes an assault rifle).
    But then again, anti-gunners dont have to wage a crusade in your country, as they already have won a very important victory there.

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    Interesting debate gents.
    In this country the term "assault rifle" is not used by the media or anti gun lobbyists to generalise firearms. In this country the term "weapon" is used to blanket all firearms.
    I know which of the two I prefer.

    Cheers gents


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    Russians didn't use the word assault rifle, they use the word- Automate

    my Skype: warrelics

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    I feel the name "Assault Rifle" is a generic term for firearms that has all of the following characteristics,
    Fires an intermediate cartridge
    Has Selective fire capacity which must include a full automatic capability.
    Magazine fed
    Effective at ranges over 300m

    I feel this term is accepted with both firearm manufactures and the Military to describe a specific rifle type.
    A L1A1 for example is a battle rifle as it does not have all the characteristics of an assault rifle. Where an AK47 has all of these characteristics and so is an assault rifle.

    I'll run with these guy's

    Heckler & Koch :: Assault Rifles

    and these guy's

    Steyr Mannlicher US:*The US Made Steyr AUG A3 SA

    All politics, stereo typing, profiteering and media hype aside an assault rifle is a class of firearm I would feel.

    Just my two bob's worth.

    Cheers fella's

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