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militaria berlin (very disappointed!)

Article about: Hello guys i ordered from militaria berlin days ago (for the first time) , and I 'm very, very, very disappointed. I explain: Annoyed from this ads?   I ordered a cased Iron Cross first

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    Default militaria berlin (very disappointed!)

    Hello guys i ordered from militaria berlin days ago (for the first time) , and I 'm very, very, very disappointed. I explain:
    I ordered a cased Iron Cross first class and so I wanted to receive it by FED EX to run no risk. I therefore agreed with Mr Eicke for shipment by FED EX , and I sent the postage corresponding to a dispatch by FED EX (45euros) . Today I have received an email transmitting me a track by deutsch post and I am very very upset, so I paid 45 euros for a shipping by deutsch post!!!!!!, it is really incomprehensible. the big problem is that after paying the fee for a shipping by fed ex, I will receive the cross by deutsch post with all the risks that entails. today i am very very very upset, I hate the lack of rigor and seriousness.

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    It might just be an oversight and they forgot to ship it via Fedex. Contact them and see what they say (or if they offer a refund)?
    I know that DHL in Germany has a weird way of doing things - if DHL Express is used the item is shipped across Germany by them but once it reaches the UK shores it gets handed over to Royal Mail Parcel Force, not DHL, for onward delivery.

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    Hello Hucks ,I contacted Christian, he said it is a mistake and he's very very sorry and offers to reimburse me the difference. I only hope that the cross will come and not be lost. from 200 euros I always prefer to go through FED EX, that is life, sometimes things go wrong, i just have to wait now................

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    Hopefully you were also offered a full refund if your purchase does go missing? But using a courier is also no guarantee of eliminating failure. I had a 7 kgs parcel get entirely lost in a courier network between London and Scotland! The parcel contained documents whose intrinsic value to me far outwieghed its material value. Although I eventually received compensation for the material content, the documents parcel was never found...despite weighing 7 kilos and having a tracking bar code.
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    Skip is one of the good guys, I'm sure it was an honest mistake. I used to buy from him regularly and never had a problem.

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