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Militaria collectors " Big Bang Theory"

Article about: Maybe if I would get more WW2 era stuff than the gas mask, I would get used to it. And the trip to carry the package from the post office to home is always exciting. Except now when the near

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    Default Militaria collectors " Big Bang Theory"

    G'day all....just for fun,

    I'm a big fan of " big bang theory" and the more I watch it, the more similarities I see with our field of militaria collecting.....

    Sheldon with his endless facts and figures, could easily be one of us describing the intricacies of the various types of German helmet, manufacturer variations in badges and decals, the Bigfoot, droop tail and pigeon head eagles...the weav pattern on the back of an Afrika Korps arm band,or "Armelband", the droop eyed fake woven SS skull, the almost endless RZM codes, paint textures on helmets, the break on a SS decal, the shape of the "O" on th party badge, does the lack of a rear liner pin on a wound badge mean its fake etc, etc, etc...

    Not removing a a already sewn insignia or cleaning a helmet for fear of long it's value or history...much like not removing an action figure from its packaging???

    Oh and of course, the first waft of smell one gets when opening a parcel from a far off country containing our latest purchase...much like Sheldon opening the plastic on a new comic!!

    The more I watch the she and read this forum, the more similarities I see...

    What would a "Big giant theory" for us be called??? Who woud be Sheldon???



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    Default Re: Militaria collectors " Big Bang Theory"

    Sounds about right.
    Looking for following WWII German items:
    - anything dealing with Allenstein (Olsztyn) and Wehrkreis I in East Prussia,
    - entrenching tool carrier (straight and folding),
    - forestry and hunting items,

    Polish Militaria 1914-1945 -
    GTA Militaria - Discussions and Sales -

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    Default Re: Militaria collectors " Big Bang Theory"

    I think we ALL have a little Sheldon in us ..........oh, now THAT sounded WRONG!!!

    But I DO like that smokey / musty / agey old smell of an item just as you unpack it - especially after a LONG trip to the southern hemisphere.
    ( and by keeping some gear in boxes in I can relive it when I want ....... now THAT'S just kooky!!)


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    Default Re: Militaria collectors " Big Bang Theory"

    I know the feeling.....bayonets and field gear always remind me of the smell of the Quatermasters Store...I'm hoping I get a parcel today!!!

    I think we have more in common with Trekkies than we care to admit to!

    Whenever I see Sheldon go on with a gabble of facts, I think that's like me explaining to my wife all the aspects of my latest purchase, trying to explain why it's great, even though she is a muggle and would rather bake!!!!

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    Default Re: Militaria collectors " Big Bang Theory"

    Penny ... Penny .... Penny ..... "I need your opinion" ...(again ...)
    "Is this badge Authentic" ???????

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    Default Re: Militaria collectors " Big Bang Theory"

    Love it!

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    Default Re: Militaria collectors " Big Bang Theory"

    By far my favourite TV show without a doubt...followed by Two and a half men(old series) and i'm lucky to have a few friends that even though not collectors are always asking what new things I have and every now and then stick their heads into my display cases to get a whiff of history

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    Default Re: Militaria collectors " Big Bang Theory"

    If friends come over, the last thinggey expect to see is a row of "Nazi" helmets!!! Though much like Sheldon, I am quick to correct them, rattling off that a "Nazi" was a member of the NSDAP, ergo, not all Germans were Nazis, but all Nazis were members of the Party!

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    Default Re: Militaria collectors " Big Bang Theory"

    I have noticed something like this too, and I can talk for a long time about WW2. I often tell little facts about all kinds of equipment every time I get a chance. And the smell when you open up a box of modern militaria is also very good, and opening up a box of new Bundeswehr stuff is like honey to my nose. That didnt make any sense.
    But even a box of your favourite kind of militaria can send you to death with the smell. I bought a few gas masks last year and they all came in the same box. The smell of rubber stayed in my room for a week, and when I opened the canister containing the Belgian L.702 gas mask, the smell of 70 year old rubber was worse than the smell of a fridge that has been unopened in a abandoned house for years. I know.

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    Default Re: Militaria collectors " Big Bang Theory"

    The smell is always good !!!!

    Though my addiction is rubbing off on my wife....whilst I am still able to "hide" new helmets in plain site, as she can't tell the difference, she did go up to one and declare that "Luftschutz" we're air raid wardens!!! A small round of applause was heard!

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