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Military channel bullshit....

Article about: Because noone would take on Stalin and Hitler together. They didn't have the power or the land forces neccessary. And didn't want to esculate the problem. Technically Britain and France shou

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    Default Military channel bullshit....

    I have sent several emails, and have called them more then 20 times, and asked the following;

    Question # 1;

    Why do you constantly only show the victims, or the supposedly victims of WW2 Germany, there are plenty of people that thought the Germans were doing the right thing, and yet you only show the ones that oppose the Germans. As there are 2 sides on the story, not just their one sided story they keep running...

    Question # 2;

    You only show people that have a negative impact on everything German during the era.

    Question # 3;

    Why do you only show the forces that oppose the Germans, you seem to make out that every German was a monster !!!!

    Question # 4 :

    You seem to make us all believe that all Russians after the war was peaceful, and loving people, you never mention the gulags, and where well over 14 million German, and civilians died at the hands of Stalin.

    Question # 5 :

    you never mention the treaty signed in France at the end of WW 1, that left the Germans with their hands tied, and no way to dig their selves out of the ghetto, without going to war with France...

    Question # 6 :

    You only seem to emphasize the negative, and everything wrong with WW2 Germany, and yet you will say the Russians were right, when they went into Berlin, and raped, and murdered countless German citizens, all because they were Germans, and that was OK, accordingly to US, and British commanders at the time..

    I am an American, and when i heard from a WW2 US Veteran say, that they shot all Germans, especially SS on sight, Because they were German, and they deserved it for being German, THAT REALLY PISSED ME OFF...

    I told the old timer i was talking to , that he was lucky that i did not stump his ass into the ground, If he was not in a VA hospital at the time, i would have done it....

    He still thought that was funny that he shot all Germans, especially SS...


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    Default Re: Military channel bullshit....

    You are so right Brian, this is why i don't have History Channel anymore, they send so much bullsh@t.
    Best Regards

    Vegard T.
    Looking for militaria from 38. Batterie, Heeres Küsten Artillerie Regiment 977, also from 31, 32 and 36. Batterie.

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    Default Re: Military channel bullshit....

    The Victors can write and say what they want
    Regards to all, Simon.

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    Default Re: Military channel bullshit....

    You have a point,but truth and justice gets mixed up in all wars .usually nobodys hands are clean.i respect you for having a view that goes against the grain,as most people follow the strong like sheep to get crumbs from their table.i wouldnt write off what the german people did tottaly as they suffered ,but gassing women and children and handicapped kids was beastial and that should never be least you knew where you where with hitler,all of the smarmy politians of today are nasty, but they have their pr people advising them all the time.i love holidaying in the usa ,but they want to get away from all this nationalism ,its dangerous and they seem to like war,with a few exceptions.iv never seen a country wihich flys the flag so much as the usa ,it reminds me of the brainwashing in germany, and the flags flew in abundance there,of course remember america used many of the top nazi scientists and others after the war and set them up in nice homes in the us ,fact .I read a book which states that americas liking for war will eventually bring the world to an end through nuclear war,only one persons view,but i wouldnt be suprised,lv. Dont be a sheep
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    Default Re: Military channel bullshit....

    some of the things you are saying there are quite correct, but you as an individual cannot fight tv propaganda on your own. so my guess is that you will not receive a positive answer. but the questions are good nevertheless.

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    Default Re: Military channel bullshit....

    I think that what you need to realise is that the western allies, no matter how they behaved were fighting a war where they themselves were conditioned in fighting an evil regime they believed that germans, civilians included, backed hitler to the hilt, therefore agreed with everything that the third reich military stood for. The passage of time has proved somewhat different , never the less, the german population saw hitler as a living saviour, that led to our believing that all germans were evil, perhaps misguided, but at that time, necessary in order to fight a war, as well as the japanese ,yes the horrendous behaviour, of the less civilised of the russian troops committed acts of atrocities, but throughout history this has been the practise of the conquorer, it doesnt alter the facts but somehow it became accepted.As for the medias reporting of the history concerning the war there have been numerous programmes relating to every aspect of the countries involved, this also includes the memories of the german population, unfortunatley the old saying " to the victor go the spoils" still applies, the hellish conditions that results from all wars no matter where they are cannot and should not be forgotten no matter how reported

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    Default Re: Military channel bullshit....

    when you win, everything you did was right!!!... if you lose we pick you to death

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    Default Re: Military channel bullshit....

    Brian a lot of information is still being uncovered by researchers in the Bundesarchiv. All the time new information is being leaked about secret orders etc. Remember there will be 12 years of third Reich documentation to look through.

    You are right when you say there are two sides to every story, but fact of the matter is war turns man, woman and child into animals. Humane characteristics were pushed aside, by probably some of the most peaceful of citizens. Events shape people and their actions.

    I don't think there will ever be a documentary which justifies what the German army did during the war, but Germany and Hitler will always be associated with murder.

    Soviet Russia managed to withstand Nazi brutality, but paid the Germans back 10 fold. What we must factor in to the argument is, if Germany had won in the east and Heydrich had survived his assasination, what would have been the fate of countless innocents across all of Europe.

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    Default Re: Military channel bullshit....

    Dachau, Auschwitz, Sorbibor! Blitzkrieg! That is why there is an anti NAZI, not anti German, prejudice. Stalin was no choir boy, but from what I have seen on the History channel, he isn't praised either. My father and my uncles were yanked out of there homes, deprived of years of there youth, and left with tremendous physical and mental scars, fighting a war that was engineered by the Reich. My distant relatives in southern Greece were lined up and shot in response to resistance to the occupation. Why shouldn't they be bitter. Not one, but 2 world wars were precipitated by German militarism during the 20th century, and there are NO JUSTIFICATIONS WHAT SO EVER for Nazi aggression and their policies like the Final Solution. History is simply a record of a series of events that demonstrate man's unique ability to inflict suffering on his fellow man, but few have plumbed the depths as deeply as Hitler, Stalin, and let us not forget Mao. I am surprised by some of the comments on this thread. It is chilling. Jim G.

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    Default Re: Military channel bullshit....

    September 1 1939 Germany invaded poland from the West, France and the UK declared war on Germany.
    The Soviet Union invaded Poland also that day but from the East, why didn't France and the UK declared war on Soviet Russia?

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