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Military motorcycle

Article about: Thank you very much. When the Nimbus served in the Army of Denmark, it was armed with the excellent 8mm Madsen MG or even the 20mm Madsen on a sidecar (not to be fired on the move!!). The Ni

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    Default Military motorcycle

    I just bought this old bike.
    I placed it here in this forum, as it falls through the cracks a little and wanted to show it to you in its current configuration, as it will not be restored as a military bike. Paint is not original, but its retains some of the bits, that the army wanted on these bikes i.e. rear light with lid, which can be flipped down and up to cover or uncover most of the glass through which the light shine (for discreet ...and not very visible...night riding), tool box placed on the rear fender instead of under the bike and long military stand which was a stand asked for by the Army to support the bike better on soft ground than the standard stand would. Standard stand is retained. The military stand is the long strut visible going from below the seat and down in an angle.
    The bike was used by both the 'Allies' (Denmark) and the Germans, as several of these bikes went with the Germans to the Eastern Front. During the occupation of Denmark, the Germans 'persuaded' the danish state to let them have some of these.

    The bike was sold off at some point and has had both Norwegian and Swedish owners.

    Its a made in Denmark '52 Nimbus with a Hayabusa-killing, rip snorting, quarter mile tearing ....ahem...22bhp (good for cruising at 50-55mph).

    Over 12.000 of these were made between 1934 and 1960 and thousands still roam the streets of Denmark.

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    Default Re: Military motorcycle

    Here some specs and another pic


    Number of cylinders: 4

    Bore: 60 mm

    Stroke: 66 mm

    Cylinder volume: 746 cubic centimeters

    Compression ratio: 5.4:1

    Horsepowers/rpm: 22/4500

    Gear ratio for side car gearing: 1:5.12 / 1:7.69 / 1:11.90

    Gear ration for solo gearing: 1:4.23 / 1:6.39 / 1:9,89

    Tank volume: 12.5 litre of which 1 litre is spare.

    Wheel distance: 1435 mm

    Tires: 3.50"X19"

    Foot- and knee rests: Adjujstable

    The name plate tells the manufacturing- and engine numbers.

    The engine number is cut into the flank under the carburator.

    From engine number 13573 the frame number no longer follows the manufacturing- and engine number, but the frame number is cut into the lower left ear of the steering column cover.


    Weight without gazoline but with passenger seat: Approx. 185 kg.

    Greatest length: 2200 mm

    Greatest width: 720 mm

    Greatest height: 1100 mm

    Side car:

    Track width: 1130 mm

    Weight of frame: Approx. 50 kg.

    Weight of normal passenger case: Approx. 35 kg.

    Weight of normal delivery case: Approx. 40 kg.

    Cargo capacity: Se Sidecar later in manual.

    Greatest length of sidecar vehicle: 2300 mm

    Greatest width of sidecar vehicle: 1600 mm

    Greatest height of sidecar vehicle: 1100 mm

    Fuel consumption: See under fuel system later in manual.

    Lubrication: See under lubrication later in manual.


    Greatest speeds at:

    Solo riding: 120 km/h

    Side car riding: 95 km/h

    The motorcycle can not constantly perform these speeds. Experience tells that the constant riding speed should not exceed:

    Solo: 90 km/h

    Side car: 75 km/h

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    Default Re: Military motorcycle

    Neat bike ....

    .. And my runaround (closest to camera)
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Default Re: Military motorcycle

    Your bike aint too shabby either
    What HD is it - it looks a bit Nighttrain(ish)?

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    Default Re: Military motorcycle

    1450 FXDXst TC88 (carbed)

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    Default Re: Military motorcycle

    Quote by Gary J View Post
    1450 FXDXst TC88 (carbed)
    And in English? Looks like text speak, LOL.

    Nice m/cycles guys.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    Default Re: Military motorcycle

    Quote by Gary J View Post
    1450 FXDXst TC88 (carbed)
    You need one of these to go with the modern HD

    (I like vintage bikes - can you tell!)

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    Default Re: Military motorcycle

    hi scout,keep it in army colours,also looks like the back end of a velo on the pic.

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    Default Re: Military motorcycle

    Quote by harryamb2 View Post
    hi scout,keep it in army colours,also looks like the back end of a velo on the pic.
    Way ahead of you

    When I mentioned, that I wont restore it to the former military condition, I meant that I would remove the MIL stand and useless rear flip-down light, as I have no use for either.

    In regards to the current colour, its not original to the bike. At some point, someone slapped on a coat of non-descript bland colour. The bike has been ridden hard since 1952 and has the marks to prove it
    It is about to be stripped for a complete overhaul.

    As for a future paintjob, Im currently contemplating either RAL 1002 or RAL 8020.

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    Default Re: Military motorcycle

    I have never been a big motorcycle fan, but THESE ARE AWESOME!!!!

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