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Military service

Article about: I did two tours in Northern Ireland during the early 1970's when things were really hairy. On my first tour in 1971/72 our Battery came under attack by bomb, bullet or riots on more than 400

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    Default Military service

    I did a quick search and found nothing related to this. We are all here united by our interest in military history. Now I ask you, have you been in the military of your country? If you have, when, and what do you remember most of the time? And are you perhaps still serving?

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    I am still in the army. I served in the 1st batallion Para-Commando for 10 years.
    The gouvernement closed our unit and I transferred to the 3th batallion Para-Commando where I still serve.


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    i was in the USAF in intelligence and also was with another US intelligence agency.

    i was in Berlin during the cold war.

    i remember the paranoia best.

    good times.

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    8 years in the UK Territorial Army, (reserve forces), infantry and engineers.

    The majority good with the odd bad one.

    Being on 24 hours notice to move for two wars, Falklands in 1982 and 1st Gulf.

    Cold "compo rations" and horizontal rain on Salisbury Plain! (Ask any British Army soldier of a "certain age" about either and they will probably let you know there thoughts in no uncertain terms! LOL

    Regards etc

    Ian D

    AKA: Jimpy

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    Have you eaten any of the infamous cookies that are in the British ration boxes while you were in the army that sometimes pop up on the internet?

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    I remember getting shitfaced as often as possible and trying to bang every hooker in
    South Vietnam.

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    Quote by Poromies View Post
    Have you eaten any of the infamous cookies that are in the British ration boxes while you were in the army that sometimes pop up on the internet?
    I assume that you are referring to the infamous "Biscuits, Brown AB", "Biscuits, Fruit AB" and "Oatmeal Blocks", if so, I must have eaten tons of them over the 8 years that I was in!

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    What I remember best after a couple of tours?
    Hmmmmm, the dust, 50 degrees celcius in the shade and of course people lobbing hardware of the lethal kind my way....

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    18 years Australian Regular Army....doing awsome stuff and being exposed to all sorts of wicked experiences...

    Big memories are flying into East Timor in the back of a French Air Force Hercules, first time flying into another country fully armed, TAC Flying in a RAAF Hercules into Iraq....first mortar attack and election day, Dec 15 2005 in Iraq...Long day that one, encountering hastily set up roadblocks, having lumps of concrete land on the top of my Bushmaster landing quite close to me, from 5 story buildings and the hum of RPGs

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    23 years British Army, 3 tours in NI,1 Bosnia, 2 Iraq, 2 Afghanistan, 100s of exercises all over the world..Staying in 1 piece is my best achievement...

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