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Model Airways - has anyone built one of their models

Article about: Good Evening / Morning Ladies and Gentlemen Well after a number of years away from model building I came across a website showing the build of a Model Airways Sopwith Camel 1:16th scale. Her

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    Default Model Airways - has anyone built one of their models

    Good Evening / Morning Ladies and Gentlemen

    Well after a number of years away from model building I came across a website showing the build of a Model Airways Sopwith Camel 1:16th scale.

    Here: 1/16 Sopwith Camel - Work in Progress - Aircraft - Absolutely astonishing work and one that has me thinking.

    It's billed as 'Museum quality' which basically means it is not covered in any fabric - you see all the struts, rigging, etc.

    Has anyone built anything like it in the past - notably from Model Airways? Are they of good quality?

    I'm certainly under no illusions - this will undoubtedly take several plus months to build.


    The box:
    Model airways.jpg

    Almost there (notice he built up his own prop, amongst other things) from britmodeller:
    Model Airways 2.jpg

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    Happy new year Tim, that is a great looking model mate! I've never seen one of those before but it is a terrific looking piece. We have an aviation museum about ten minutes from where I live and they have a huge scale model of a sopwith camel (by memory) it is around half the size of an original. Next time I'm there, which is fairly often, I'll take some pics for you mate.
    Cheers, Dave.

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    And a Very Happy New year to you as well Dave.

    This thing is huge! Wingspan 21" • Fuselage Length 14-1/16".

    From their website:
    The kit replicates every part of the Sopwith in materials much like those used in the original airplane. Components are first class, starting with hundreds of laser-cut aircraft quality birch and basswood (much higher density than balsa) parts for ribs and fuselage. A perfectly scaled Clerget 9-B rotary engine— complete with cylinders, distributor and crankcase— is assembled from over 70 precision cast Britannia metal parts. More than 350 other accurately scaled Britannia metal, brass and rubber pieces, plus copper wire reproduce virtually every detail.

    I'd certainly appreciate any detailed photos!

    I'm thinking of cold bluing the engine if I get it.


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    Mate, the bloke that is building that model is a genius! I really admire the skill some of these fellas have, far more skill and a lot more patience than I will ever have. I'd be interested in following your build progress here on our forum if you go ahead with it mate, I'm sure plenty of others here would also be interested. Next time I'm at the museum I'll take any pics that may be of use to you, I'll let you know before I go so you can let me know what you'd like pics of.

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    Hi Tim very impressive, They remind me of the Hasegawa Limited kits they released in the 80's at a rather rude price, there was the Sopwith Pup, Dr1 and Se5A. oh and Happy New Years Chaps


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    Dave, if and it's big IF I have to say - it is rather expensive - unfortunately the build that was shown in the link is not going to be anywhere like mine I think.

    While I certainly appreciate the ability of others I also know my limitations.

    However, having said all this, I'm thinking I just may get it - unless others say it is not a good one. The thing I do like is that the supplier will send out parts without any problems if you happen to be missing any.

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    Greg - as far as I am able to tell the Hasegawa ones are made from plastic - is this correct? They are certainly cheaper.


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    I very much look forward to seeing the finished result, if you deceide to go for the kit.

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    You're Buying one of those nightmarishly complex models,Tim?? You're a better man than I am, Gunga
    You'd better post pics of it when you're done-it should be interesting to see! (Just Looking at the model the guy is working on gives me eyestrain and a headache... )

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Hi Tim Tim ....the Hasegawa kits contained Wood and Metal Parts and when they were available here in Australia were going for between $650-$800.


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