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moderators displays

Article about: Lol I need a dog walking coat like that ! If you want to donate it to me I'd be happy to rid you of this item

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    Wink moderators displays

    I have noticed that the moderators have not shown there complete collections.
    They seem to show only bits of their collections in groups.
    you might want to wait for your wife to leave before you take everything out.
    if you do have a post with your complete collection please tell me


    hope I dont cause any inconvenience.

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    Default Re: moderators displays

    If you do a bit of searching you'll see some photo's of some of the moderators/administrators collections all at once I remember Steve T showing how his collection is displayed a while back



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    Default Re: moderators displays

    I remember ade showng his guns one by one but he has loads ! So a pic of them all woud take all day !

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    Default Re: moderators displays

    odd, i must look harder, i will try anouther search

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    Patrick, i would suggest that one of the reasons maybe that the site is designed for collectors to post their items and to ask questions and for advice, if the moderators were to post all their items in one foul swoop, there would be no items to compare and they would forever be referring back to older posts in order to accomodate the requests, plus can you imagine all the work involved in posting each of the seperate associated items in every forum heading, at least this way we are left with very informed and expert knowledge normally backed up by showing comparisons via their own pieces, besi.des its more fun like this., cheers Dave

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    Default Re: moderators displays

    moderators are just like the rest of us. collectors.
    and i would like to see their collections in all thier glory.
    I do not want them to post all thier collections in a foul swoop.
    and if anywon knows where they have posted them, i would like to know. i have not spotted them so thats why i asked.
    just curious thats all

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    Default Re: moderators displays

    Dave has more or less answered the question for me.

    I have indeed shown my Soviet weapons collection in one thread.

    But I don't honestly intend to show my whole collection in one uber thread. I have a lot of stuff which I have still not shown on the forum. Think of it like a strip tease. It would be boring just to show it all in one go...

    Cheers, Ade.

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    you are right. I shouldent of been so pushy. but yeah, would ruin the fun .
    I will keep an eye out for the bits and bobs you guys post lol

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    Default Re: moderators displays

    Here ya go.... isn't every last bit but about 70% of my total collection. Quite a bit is upstairs as well which I don't show. Like Ade, I prefer to just strip to my underwear, not the whole way

    Steve T

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    Default Re: moderators displays

    Oh my steve.... you live in relic land!!

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