I would imagine few if any of you are familiar with Mondo prints, which is a shame because they do such nice work. They're pretty much the leader in movie related art prints, the kind you find screen printed on a type of card stock, not the flimsy posters you get at Walmart.

I received my Das Boot print last night, and it's gorgeous. They used the metallic inks for the gray color in the sub and the water, which I love the metallic inks. I thought you all might be interested in these, and it's a rare occasion where the prints did not sell out in under 5 minutes. I guess there's not a lot of Das Boot fans in their typical customer base.

In any case, I've bought a number of their prints and can attest they are well worth the $50. It doesn't hurt that it's a Ken Taylor print, who is one of my favorite of their artists. Hope you enjoy!

24"x36" screen print.
Hand numbered.
Signed by Ken Taylor.
Edition of 350.

Purchase Link: Das Boot