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"The Monuments Men"

Article about: Great report sir , will see it when it reaches Australia .

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    Great report sir , will see it when it reaches Australia .

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    I look forward to seeing it. I kind of like Clooney. Just watched him in 'Gravity' and he showed us a stellar performance (no pun intended).

    The real story behind the movie and the guys chasing looted art in order to save it is fascinating.

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    I will be watching this one.
    Thanks for the review Ade.

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    I thought it was pretty weak actually. :-(

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    Ade there is a guy on evilbay selling props from the movie, jackets shirts armbands etc
    ukreenactors2003 is sellers name, about 46 items on there.

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    I caught part of this documentary a few years ago, very interesting.

    The Rape of Europa | PBS

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    I will be seeing it soon. Thanks for the Movie review Ade.

    I specialize in M1 carbines and Lugers.

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    I saw it the other day, myself. It was a pretty good movie. But like Ade says, don't go in expecting something like Band of Brothers. The uniforms and everything were pretty good, minus George Clooney's Euroclone M1 liner (visible for just a second or two during the scene where he interrogates the SS officer).

    My only real complaint would be the accents. Some of them were horrific.

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    I had a great Uncle, William Beekman, that was involved with that project after wars end in 1947, he was a Captian at the time. He was attached to the 101st Adjuants office in Southern Bavaria. He was responsible for overseeing the packing and shipping of official Nazi art back to the states where it still resides today in a salt mine in Wyoming I think. I can't remember now.

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    Ok - I've seen it and it's ... Ok
    As said don't expect much. Specially don't go see it with high expectations (as I did) because you get a bit frustated. I was very anxious for this movie and when you are like that normaly you don't find it that good
    But it's a good one to see (good story, uniforms, direction, etc). Specially I think it was a very good idea from Clooney to adapt this onto film - It's a very good way to make less known WWII stories available to a larger audience.

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