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Most convincing 'Nazi' in films

Article about: I have to disagree, the film it's self was a disappointment- I really like Ed Harris though

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    All single performances that I can think of have all been mentioned, so instead I'll opt for the most terrifying collective portrayal of Wehrmacht/SS soldiers during their conquest of the East --- so gritty, dirty and realistic (all in terms of the subjective Russian/eastern front population's perspective) you can almost begin to grasp the fear that must have been instilled in the population when they started rolling into the villages...

    Idi I Smotri /Come and See (1985)


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    Probably the only RKT to become a motion-picture actor, Til Kiwi was a member of the HG Division and was captured in Tunisia in 1943.
    (His real name was Eduard-Heinrich Kiefer)

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    Kiwe is perhaps best known as Captain Lang in "The Longest Day", but he was also in "The Great Escape"; "The Eagle has Landed"; "The Odessa File", and many others:
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    Quote by Woolgar View Post
    Watching Schindlers List for the umpteenth time I really noticed how convincing Ralph Fiennes portrayed Goethe.

    Another excellent performance was Harmut Becker in Escape From Sobibor

    There are many other brilliant performances, who is your favourite ?

    Amon Goth was rather not Goethe.
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    damit, basta.

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    Hitler-Riefenstahl.jpg67420d1259628988-pic-hitler-ss-sa-leni1.jpgThe most convincing Nazi in a film is the one in the most convincing Nazi film.
    damit, basta.

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    I find most contemporary depictions of NSDAP, SS, and or Wehrmacht personages in recent films to be pretty ridiculous, a statement that will surely offend most that read this, but I am an old man and prone to give offense.

    The late Guenther Grass was always an example to me.

    My favorite post 1945 films are Des Teufels General and 08/15. These are essentially unknown in the English speaking world, but dramatically they hold their own.

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    Quote by HPL2008 View Post
    Definitely creepy, but not so much convincing than a deliberate embodyment of filmic Gestapo officer clichés; a caricature, even.

    My favorite moment is when he is on that hot mediterranean island , all decked out in his dark suit , black leather coat and black hat and clearly sweating his butt off. Well, of course he is dressed like that: Hollywood has taught us that this how every Gestapo man dresssed, 24/7 and all year round!

    Well said.
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    Hannes Messemer as a ruthless SS officer is also well rendered in the Mario Adorf film about a serial murder, also a film more or less unknown in the English speaking world.
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    My favorite depiction of a Wehrmacht officer is that of General Erick Marcks in the Longest Day as played by Richard Muench.

    Richard M

    I saw this film in 1962, and it much propelled my collecting career.
    It contained all the leading West German TV and film actors of the epoch, the quality of whom well surpasses what is on offer today.
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    The same actor and others are in this film on Stalingrad, which is also excellent.
    damit, basta.

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