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My 2012 budget is gone!

Article about: Gday all, I recently used the last of my 2012, or to put it more accurately, my wife's tolerance to my collecting! I found two TR toy figures, one of Hitler behind a podium, and a SA flag be

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    I don't work mate!!! I got wounded in Iraq in 2006, so I'm a hausfrau on a military pension! So I'm the one doing house work and minding the kids while Katrina goes out and plays with Junior Sailors in the RAN!
    My apologies, I had no idea! Sorry to hear that. Hope you are doing well.

    Perhaps she has taken notice of the enjoyment this hobby brings to you and has just reserved herself to the fact that you won't change.

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    Default Re: My 2012 budget is gone!

    No apology necessary! I am doing well, have a great family and financially secure, so I can't complain!

    If I hadn't have been wounded, I'd never have me Katrina, so all things happen for a reason! She knows I have a passion for this, and I'm probaly not going to change!!!

    This hobby is a great distraction...if things get to me or I can't sleep, I just grab an item and have a play with it, takes my mind off things!

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    I'm glad this has provided you an escape and enjoyment, I'm certain you deserve it. I think my wife might be slowly coming around. She knows my love of history and that her fighting it would be a losing battle. I make it a point that whenever she says she wants to buy something new or replace something in the house, I give her the thumbs up and never argue. She usually thinks I am up to no good beause of that. Boys will be boys. I never deny her the things she loves, so I hope she returns the favor.

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    I'm the same, I have no objections when Katrina asks if she can buy something......mainly because I know how much I have spent!

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