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My family history in WW2

Article about: Also, Glenn, at least you have a photograph of them from the time...

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    Default My family history in WW2

    I was just notified some cool things about my family. Not sure if it is all true but whatever.
    My great grandfather was in the russian military in WW2. He became a POW of the germans. Also, my great grandmother was a huge supporter of Hitler. She even met him. While my great grandfather was a POW, he cooked for the german army and somehow that is how my great grandmother and father met. After, because the was was getting bad with all the bombing, both of them got in a boat with many others and traveled to Argentina. Then they came to the USA. I never met my great grandfather because he passed away and my great grandmother died about 1 year ago. Too bad I wasn't into ww2 at the time.....

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    Default Re: My family history in WW2

    A similar thing happened to my grandfather... he was a Russian soldier and was captured by the Germans. My grandmother says that he was made into a medical orderly... she also insists that the Germans cut off his trigger finger to discourage him from escaping and rejoining the Soviet armed forces or partisans... I don't know if that last part is true or not.

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    Default Re: My family history in WW2

    Very similar. I wish I knew more about mine.

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    Default Re: My family history in WW2

    Quote by kylesbullets View Post
    Very similar. I wish I knew more about mine.

    There is a small chance that your Great Grandfather could be researchable... especially if he was an officer. If I were you it couldn't hurt to contact some of the members on this forum who have access to the Soviet archives.

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    Default Re: My family history in WW2

    The problem is that I don't know anything about time besides he was in the Russian army. No rank. Not a clear name...... (lol it is something semiglosso or something for his last name.)

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    Default Re: My family history in WW2

    Ah... Yeah, that's a problem... If I remember correctly, you need at least the person's full name (including his paternal name) and where he was from. For example, my grandfather was: Georgi Ivanovich Schelechow from Rostov-on-Don

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    Default Re: My family history in WW2

    My Great grandmother told me a little sotry bout something she saw in Holland, WW2. A plane was shot down by the Germans killing 16 American soldiers. The German soldiers there insisted on burning the plane but they weren't allowed to. Little story.

    - Bas

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    Default Re: My family history in WW2

    WWII had a profound effect on my family, as my german grandmother lost two brothers fighting in the Wehrmacht, and my german grandfather had a young nephew killed in an american bombing raid on Mannheim. My german grandfather was an Infanterie-Unteroffizier, decorated with the EKI in April, 1944....My german grandmother was a member of the BdM and met her husband through a BdM pen-pal program and they were married in 1944. During the war my grandmother worked in the Mannheim armaments industry, where she produced communications wire and endured the air-raids as well...I grew up with stories such as the time her foreman was buried alive under the rubble and was dead when they finally reached him...On the american side, my grandfather was dropped into France on D-Day with the 101st Airborne; He was shot through the hand and into the stomach...he survived but had a crippled hand and became a raging alcoholic. He killed himself driving drunk in 1956...Every family that lived through that time has a story to tell...which is one of the reasons it stays interesting for me...good luck with your family-history search!
    Cheers, Glenn
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    Default Re: My family history in WW2

    all my uncles and father were in the army ww2.1 kia in tunisia buried at sfax,a cqrms, stuka got him in convoy.grandfather and great uncles in ww1.1kia on menin gate. somebody asked why I collected,thats why.

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    Default Re: My family history in WW2

    i agree with you glenn...

    - - Updated - -

    All very interesting tales too

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