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My little baby!! :-(

Article about: great news lee , cheers Al

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    I wish you and your family all the best. It's good little Harry is making progress... the wizzards of Alder Hey will certainly do their best to make Harry well again.


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    Hi Guys, just a quick update.

    I'm writing this from little Harry's bedside. He's now been transfered from intensive care to the ward. He was taken off the ventilator yesterday (thurs) afternoon, and is now breathing for himself. The doctors are very pleased with his progress, and they think he's over the worst and past the critical period!

    Obviously, he's still very ill, but the difference between now and last Friday is astounding! He's battled this horrible disease bravely, and Lisa and myself are immensly proud of him!!

    Harry is currently fast asleep in his cot next to me, as is Lisa in the fold down bed next to him. She's asked me to thank you all for the messages of support.... we're both very touched!

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    It is allways very awfull when the childs got the bad illnes, hope all turns out well.
    All the best.

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    lee mate that is every parents worst nightmare i sure hope your angel is ok and back to full health very soon.

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    I honestly wish you both and your 'little man' every happiness.


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    Great to here hes on the mend , awesome , cheers Raymond

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    Excellent news indeed! You have my continued thoughts and prayers. Hang in there...
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    Fantastic news !!

    You'll be back home before you know it now

    My thoughts are still with you guys......

    Steve T

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    I wish the best!!!!

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    I am really pleased to hear he is making good progress!

    Cheers, Ade.

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