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My new drawing,

Article about: That's certainly some talent you've got there, for drawing M8, is this pencil and water colours or all pencil drawing. Nige. P.S. If I ever write an Osprey "Men at arms" series boo

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    Hi Dave,
    Glad yu like it i did the best i could as it,s a tribute so got to be good. You lucky bugger i be it was great over there this time of year. Im going back in aug, for 10 days so looking forward to that,
    i have just got acommission from a bloke in the U.S, for a drawing of his uncle K I A, holland, nice pic of him in his walking out dress,
    but going to do him in combats. what a quest to take on,
    anyway mate glad you went did you get anything?.
    regards Dave.

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    Well i did get sore feet climbing all over the bunkers , walking the beaches, and over pegasus bridge, oh and i had to have a cricket so i can reply to my mate over the phone, but as to relics no i was the only relic by the time we finished, but i was like a kid in a candy store, bu seriously the trip was two fold, i wanted to lay a wreath at pegasus and my friend laid one at Merville battery for two of his close friends who were on the raid but sadly passed away a couple of years ago, their names were Sid Capon and Sid Towler and they are both pictured in one of the casements and interviewed on film as part of the tour, i sttod on Omaha beach at 0630hrs and looked out to sea with a slight mist rolling in, what a feeling that was, basically i went everywhere that you see in the longest day stood on each spot, followed Wittmanns route to point 213 villers bocage, saw his grave at La Cambe, so much that my head is spinning still, cant wait for the pics and the dvd that my mate did, 3 hrs of it,pegasus cafe is a must if you can,i had a menu signed by madam Arlette the daughter of madam Gondree whos house was the first to be liberated in france, so much to relate not enough time to do it, would need to write a book, thats interesting, your new project, cant wait for that one, cheers daveb

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    Hi dave,
    glad you had a great time over there, we trod the same path i went to most places in 07. All you have been, i cant wait to go back there, We was camped at Utah beach site about two hundred yards from the beach. There are some really good bunkers there
    I found some nice old rounds and some cases + wire, so made a small diarama out of them. and an old M1 helmet really bad condition. but an the whole great trip, My daughter andher family are going in aug, and asked if i wanted the trip, so yes im going again then. But this time my detector is coming with me.
    Do you know where sid capon came from ie city , town,
    as when i was growing up there was a family in my town and the dad was sid Capon. I am wondering if it is the same man as he dad quite a large family, and was in the war like most dads.
    regards Dave.
    I was born and grew up in Mortlake london.

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    All I have to say is that you are a very talented artist, your work is an amazing tribute to the men who have fought in the battles that you have chosen as your subject.

    All the best with future pieces of work



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    Dave, yes its the same man, he came from Mortlake and my friend who was in the paras was at the 40th anniversery and met sid there. What he didnt know was that sid lived 200yds from him and they became firm friends, but sadly sid died and it was a moving tribute laying the wreath at Merville battery, also for sid towler who my friend knew before , there is a picture of both sids with my pal but hes pulling his hair out at the moment as he cant find it, my pal also knew Ottway commanding officer and was told first hand of the assault by the man himself.

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    Hi Dave,
    Great to find out it is sid, i knew him for years, mortlake is a very small town only a mile square as london town. growing up every body knew every one, but it has well changed now i went to school with Richard one of his sons. all of the boys at school had fathers in the forces, one way or another. thanks for letting me know.
    Regards dave.

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