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Article about: Best wishes Richard..and a quick recovery for your wife. Family first Regards Larry

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    Best wishes Richard..and a quick recovery for your wife. Family first Regards Larry
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    Thank you all for you concern and best wishes. I most certainly will pass them on to her.

    My wife is home until next Thursday when she must have a consoltation with the heard surgeon at which time he will set up a day for the surgery.

    The heart surgeon and hospital is the same one that did my heart surgery back in 2004, his office is just across the street from the hospital. After he goes over all of the results, he will consult with her cardiologist to decide all the procedures to be done. He as already discovered from the video of the Catheterization sent to him from the hospital the other day that she also, beside the three blockages has a leaky heart valve.

    Many thanks again for all of the kind wishes.

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    Sorry to hear the news Richard.
    Best wishes to your wife for a successful surgery and a speedy and complete recovery.
    As Larry has said, family first!
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    Take good care of her Richard. All the best to you both.
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    Update on my wife's condition ... Yesterday we had a consultation with the cardiac surgeon and he felt, after viewing the results of her earlier heart eco and the recent cauterization, that triple bypass surgery would be too risky at the present taking into consideration all of the factors; that treating her condition with medication along with exercise and diet is going to be the better route to take at this time so as to build the strength of her heart back up. It seems that she, either a while ago of recently, had a silent heart attack, a mild one but nevertheless left some slight damage. Should at any time an emergency crop up, then there would be no option to surgery.

    Again, I would like to thank all of you for your kind wishes and comments; it is always nice to know that friends are a great and comforting asset in times of need.
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    i will be thinking about you both. Best wishes. And Family First..

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    Sorry to hear that, I am sure all of Us on the Forum Wish Both Her and yourself Well

    Dean O
    Ajax Canada

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