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My website

Article about: Great website Inka. Fantastic articles and pictures - think I could sit and read through them all day. Also noticed the very good article in "The Armourer" magazine recently. Well

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    great web site Inka. I will be looking forward to your updates on it.
    Thanks for posting it.

    I specialize in M1 carbines and Lugers.

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    Thanks John

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    Hi guys,,I am playing around trying to make a few pics to use in promotion of my site,, what do you think of this one??Could it work?

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    Looks good great website my friend.

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    Finally it looks like winter is over for this time and the digging season is upon me again. Been out with camera and shovel a few times and have updated my site , You are welcome to have a look and a read
    Hobbyhistorica - Home


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    Hi fellow Geeks
    I have done some small changes to the "inventory" on my site today. I made a shop section a while ago and the site builder wont allow me to have the menu system exactly the way I want. So I ve made it like a sub menu under the "Home" button,and placed a button link on the front page. Is it easy enough to find the shop the way I have it now?
    Thanks in advance for any helpfull comments on this or other comments to the layouts

    Hobbyhistorica - Home

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    Celebrating 2 years since I started my site with a 15% discount on all items. Have a peek you might find something you need


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    Lots of new old stuff in my shop.Have a peek Hobbyhistorica - Home

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    Its been 3 years since I started HobbyHistorica and are having a 20% discount on all items to celebrate this Log in and have a peek

    DSCN7237 (2).JPG

    Link to the shop--> HobbyhistoricaShop

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    Christmas is upon us and Im having a Xmas calender sale in my webshop


    Link--> HobbyhistoricaShop

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