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Nazi coins

Article about: Hi everyone, I recently went to watch the movie X-Men: First Class and in the last scene the bad guy gets killed by a Nazi coin he gave to the soon to be bad guy, Magneto ( I sound like a ki

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    Default Nazi coins

    Hi everyone,

    I recently went to watch the movie X-Men: First Class and in the last scene the bad guy gets killed by a Nazi coin he gave to the soon to be bad guy, Magneto ( I sound like a kid writing this )

    See this link

    YouTube - Shaw dies scene in X-Men: First Class(HD)

    So, I just want to know and if I know myself, I'll probably want to buy a set of Nazi coins but there are some questions I want to ask.

    1. Are there reproduction of these Nazi coins? if yes, how do you tell? Are there any reference books out there about this?
    2. How many varieties are there?
    3. How much do they cost?
    4. Do you guys think that after this movie, the price of nazi coins will go up? hahahaha

    By the way, when I was in Munich recently, I stayed in a good friends home , and even though they dont like to talk about the war & hated it, I did see a single nazi coin on display ... it was kinda weird really.

    Also, I did google about this and came up with some sites.
    Beutler Mnzen-3. Reich-Sammlermnzen
    Drittes Reich Deutschland Ab 1871 bei MA-Shops: 250.000 Mnzen und Medaillen

    Really appreciate for any input in this & thank you in advance


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    Default Re: Nazi coins

    Hello Ibrahim, If you are putting together a Type set of Nazi era German coins,it's relatively straight forward and affordable to do. If you, on the other hand, want to assemble a collection of Every variety and mint mark, then it will be Extremely tough and costly. About the most costly Nazi coin in the lot would be the 1934 Schiller Commemorative 5 ReichMark silver coin. The least expensive and most common example of this coin in decent shape will cost you several hundred US dollars. The mintage numbers for the Schillers were extremely low. The next worst coin would be the 1933 Luther Commemorative 5 RM silver coin and again,the least expensive version of this coin will be well over $100. These 2 coins also came in smaller 2RM versions-both scarce. As far as pocket change such as the war-time zinc and aluminum issues and the earlier bronze Nazi coins, most all of these are readily available for little of nothing cost-wise,but if you are securing one from each different City mint for each year of production,again,you will run into some terrifically hard pieces to find and purchase. German war-era coinage came in a number of denominations:1,2,5,10, and 50 pfennig, as well as some short-lived issues such as the 1RM, the 2+5RM silver issues,etc. And,to further complicate matters, the Military issued a few coins of their Own. In 1940, they issued a 5 and a 10 pfennig in zinc with a center hole in them. They carried a large swastika on the obverse and a military eagle on the reverses. They are scarce but findable and generally run in the 25-50 dollar range,but,again...there are horribly rare versions of both. They were minted in a large number of different cities,and only the "A" mint mark(Berlin) is generally findable. There was a 1941 issue of these 2 as well,but they are Rare. And,that's about it. There are a couple oddball coins such as the 1938-39 nickel 50 Pfennigs and the pre-war 1930's nickel 50P's that are tough and pricey,but a general type set,discounting the varieties, should be able to be put together for something in the $500 range-give or take abit. With varieties? Then you're talking in the several thousand range! There are many good and affordable world coin books out there to go by, but none that I know of that specifically targets just German war coins. Now...if you Really want to get may want to look into all of the Nazi-occupied European country's coins as well ! Wherever the Germans went and occupied,they usually set up totally new coins and banknotes for the countries they were in. But,that's another story all together...! Good luck! William

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    Default Re: Nazi coins

    depending on the state 10 -30

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    Default Re: Nazi coins

    Common TR coins are plentiful and relatively inexpensive as said. The 2 an 5 Mark
    silver coins will cost more, but are still within reason.

    Most coin shops have a 'junk bin' and lower denomination war-era zinc ones
    are usually dumped into it. They should cost about .25 cents to .50 cents
    each, the aluminum '50 Pfennig' a buck or two, and silver ones
    around $10 to $20 each.................
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