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Nazi shock at Welsh flea market!

Article about: Guys as Ade has said Tom was banned for a number of reasons , his post here wasn't one of them !!

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    Quote by GIZMO8Z View Post
    I must commend the way the vendor conducted himself. He seems like a great ambassador for our hobby.
    I agree with you, and forgot to mention that in my earlier post. He conducted himself well and with consideration..

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    Default Re: Nazi shock at Welsh flea market!

    Anyone know who the dealer might be?
    I want to see that SS visor hat!!!

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    oddly enough they actually have a militaria fair on 25th march

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    My grandfather suffered at the hands of the Germans, I do not share my collecting interests with my mom. It's not disrespectful for me to collect TR, it's my personal freedom and choice. Cotton, wood, brass, and metals cannot hurt anyone. I understand it's the symbolism but, understand it's my right to collect! It's the seller's right to sell. My mom is offended by porn shops, so she avoids them. If you don't like it, don't go there, easy enough! Mom raised her family to use our own brains and not follow someone elses.

    In this country, the one who complains first, wins. Not sure what happened to the freedoms our forefathers fought for. Money reallys solves it all......get a lawyer and you will win. If you lose, get two lawyers, appeal, and then you will win, etc.

    Sorry for the rant, I don't like my personal freedoms to be infringed upon!


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    Quote by BenVK View Post
    "Flea market stall made 74 year old feel 'physically sick'"

    Oh the horror, the horror!

    ABERGAVENNY TODAY | NEWS | Visitor's Nazi shock | 2012
    For heavens sake-the war ended donkeys years ago-cant these people move on?? I know many old boys who fought in WW2 against the Germans and probably had more reason to hate them than most-but they didn't. The thing they always used to say to me was "Well, they were doing their job and we were doing ours, we were soldiers". Of course anything where the fearsome Waffen SS is concerned is considered 'demonic' and anyone wishing to collect the SS are all Nazi sympathizers-the accusations could go on and on. My grandfather William Conway had a brush with the Waffen SS near Elst, Belgium, he lost both his legs yet he never held any grudge to the Germans or indeed me when i became interested in the two world wars years ago as a lad and used to ask him endless questions. Nazi memorabilia whatever you wish to call it is now history and the items associated with that period are historical artifacts and if we wish to collect them then we should-after all look how many deaths alcohol and fags cause every year-but no chance of those being banned, hidden out the back or anywhere else. May this field of collecting continue and those who wish to collect the SS and any other organisation should continue as they are historians after all. Regards, Tim.

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    ”Do the people of Abergavenny and surrounding valleys want to buy these horrific items. What sort of people would?"

    I was sad when I read that

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    Man up Mr Hyatt!!!!

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    Quote by Falschirmjager View Post
    For heavens sake-the war ended donkeys years ago-cant these people move on??
    I couldn't agree more. The Nazi Party hasn't existed since 1945. Not only have people not moved on, but it seems they haven't changed since WW2 or learnt anything from it. The veterans of WW2 supposedly fought for freedom, but majorities are still dictated to by minorities, having or not having money still defines society, and persecution and hatred continue as they always did. The irony is, of course that Hitler's Nazis were generally supported by the German majority.

    I can see where Mr 74-year-old is coming from too. He's coming from a mentality where he has a right to dictate his will on the lives of others. People like him make me "physically sick", but i suppose if he needs to feel important and elevate himself by putting others down, that's his pathetic little right too, and there's the catch-22 of freedom...


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    Send him To Craig Gottliebs shop in SanDiego California.
    I am sure he could have a meaningful conversation about Jewish folks and Nazi Memorabilia.

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    Im a little confused at the comment Normandie has put, IE, Horrific items, and what sort people would buy them.
    As said the stall holder had a full counter of customers on the day, so there must have been many to buy his military items; After all that town cant be FULL to the brim with older people can it.
    Dave. ( no offence intended )

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