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Nazi shock at Welsh flea market!

Article about: Guys as Ade has said Tom was banned for a number of reasons , his post here wasn't one of them !!

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    Default Nazi shock at Welsh flea market!

    "Flea market stall made 74 year old feel 'physically sick'"

    Oh the horror, the horror!

    ABERGAVENNY TODAY | NEWS | Visitor's Nazi shock | 2012

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    Default Re: Nazi shock at Welsh flea market!

    Oh, Poor man i would understand where hes coming from but still... Shouldn't he know that its there for someone else to purchase?

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    Default Re: Nazi shock at Welsh flea market!

    Oh well , looks like it will be the end of this market trader now as the Do Gooders are getting involved . It's the same old thing here in the UK , you get one or two people complain about something & the Do Gooders get involved & then it's DOOMED Why can't authorities go with the majority ???

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    Default Re: Nazi shock at Welsh flea market!

    i feel sorry for the old guy but now that its in the papers its already blown out of proportions.......

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    Default Re: Nazi shock at Welsh flea market!

    Amazing, I was at a flea market in Shepton Mallet yesterday and there was a guy openly selling Third Reich badges and medals and I didn't see a single person object!

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    Default Re: Nazi shock at Welsh flea market!

    There are exceptions, but that is also becoming the way in the States. One person gets offended and ruins it for everyone. I'm sympathetic to this mans experiences hiding out, but why not just continue on your way and leave, he was already headed that way. No one forced him to walk over to the booth. I witnessed a similar incident at an auction here, where an old lady got offended at a NSDAP flag hanging on the wall at the auction. The auctioneer simply told her it was a historical object important to world history and being sold as such for collectors, and nothing more, and he walked away. Pretty much shut her up. I was happy to hear him say that and not cater to someone's sensitive feelings. Unfortunately, it's not always that way.

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    Default Re: Nazi shock at Welsh flea market!

    I can see where the 74 year old gentleman is coming from, as our items (and indeed our very desire to purchase them) would be upsetting to some people who experienced the cruelty of the Nazis in their everyday lives.

    The Nazis were truly disgusting animals for what they did to various minority groups, this is a fact that nobody can successfully argue against.

    Whether people want to face it or not, a great many people are deeply interested in the Third Reich and a great many people (you and I) are also interested in their equipment, medals, badges, helmets and uniforms. It makes the history 'come alive', and enables us to gain a deeper insight into the period.

    I detest those who immediately judge us all, I have encountered many who call us all 'sick' or say that we are all 'Neo-Nazis'. It's intolerant and it is an over simplification of our hobby which is, for the most part, a wholesome hobby, often based around an interest in the Second World War, and a desire to learn more and more about it.

    Just my two cents for what it is worth, my apologies for the rant - this kind of thing just ticks me off..



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    Default Re: Nazi shock at Welsh flea market!

    i can agree with all of you in your comments, the old guy could have just kept on walking, i think what may have made it worse is the fact that he stopped and went to the stall holder to ask questions about his stock.
    If he carried on something else would have taken the thought of the german items out of his mind, i was asked about my collection by a man who was angry that i collected german items as well as other military stuff.
    i asked him to came to my war room and see for himself what i had, after a while he couldnt keep his hands off my collection; i let him carry on looking and learning, he has been back quite a few times since.

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    Default Re: Nazi shock at Welsh flea market!

    Abergavenny was where my Grandparents lived before they passed away. It's a proper old age pensioners town so to pitch a Militaria stall in a market that sells cream cakes, china dolls and lacy table cloths is really quite funny to me.

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    Default Re: Nazi shock at Welsh flea market!

    I must commend the way the vendor conducted himself. He seems like a great ambassador for our hobby.

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