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need help (auction)

Article about: I'm looking at the website for a local auction where i live and i see lots of interesting medels for sale but they seem too expensive, but no clue on origanality. first.. the 40 year medel i

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    Cool need help (auction)

    I'm looking at the website for a local auction where i live and i see lots of interesting medels for sale but they seem too expensive, but no clue on origanality.


    the 40 year medel is start bid 125
    west wall medel is start at start bid 48
    the mothers cross gold start bid 115
    greece ww2 medel start bid 35
    belguim ww1 medel start bid 28
    5 russion medels start bid 40

    thx for help
    i cant get better pics srry

    first time posting! i finelly figured it out
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    Best regards, Patrick

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    Default Re: need help (auction)

    From the pics provided, all the Third Reich German items appear good. Chances are the ribbon on the Westwall Medal will be modern. The Soviet medals I would pass on. Belgian items are right outside my collecting interests.

    No bargains there...

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: need help (auction)

    Thanks, auctions on monday. by then i would have figured out what i would bid on
    i instanly likes the 40 year faithful service nazi medel. but is 125 euro too dear? if no one likes it, it would probibly go down to 100 euro then its up for grabs
    Best regards, Patrick

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    Default Re: need help (auction)

    125 Euro if it is the starting price is getting towards the market value. Remember at auction you will also pay a commision on the final hammer price. Just do a search and you will find others for sale online. It is not a rare medal to find cased.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: need help (auction)

    yes true but hopefully no one will be interestid and it will go down in price . but there is allways someone

    and my dad and I had a long talk about german militaria collecting.
    he doesent agree with it. he went on about my grandad who could of been killed by the germans for building britsh ships. But he said he'd let me if it was from 100% trustworthy sites that dont aprove of racism or the such, and he doesent mind auctions. so im taking advantage from this local auction .
    Best regards, Patrick

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    Don't be in a rush and over spend on relatively common items. A cased gold Mutterkreuz can be found easily between 80 - 90.
    Best Regards,

    Looking for LDO marked EK2s and items relating to U-406.....

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    Default Re: need help (auction)

    hi , i would pass on all , prices way to high for start bids . as ade pointed out dont forget the sale commission can be 10/20% on auction items , save your cash and shop around .why not have a look in the forum sale section ,better prices
    to be had. ....cheers paul

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    Default Re: need help (auction)

    hey guys I know there deer but its just the 40 year medel caught my eye . shiny things do that.. but im in no rush to spend my money at all! i just like to never miss something special so i keep my eyes peeled, ask questions, then deside! its worked for me so far . Thx for comments .
    Best regards, Patrick

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    Default Re: need help (auction)

    i have found concerning auctions that if you are looking at an item,,so are 10-20 other potential bidders,,,

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    Default Re: need help (auction)

    true but i took evryones advice. and decided its too expensive. I allways have next months auction to look forward to
    Best regards, Patrick

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