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Article about: Hi Friends , My name is Lucas Carlo , I am new to this forum .

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    hello and Welcome Lucas.

    I specialize in M1 carbines and Lugers.

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    Thank you My All Friends ..

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    Welcome Lucas! You will have a great time on here and are almost guaranteed to learn something new. All these guys and girls are great respectable people that are here to help you. I have saved hundreds even thousands of dollars because of them helping me and 'm sure it will happen to you also.

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    Welcome friend, what kind of colection? Weapons, uniforms, papers?

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    Lucas, a word of warning.

    Posting adverts to sites is not allowed here unless you are willing to become a paying sponsor of the forum. As you will note, your two posts have been deleted.

    If there is a repeat of this your account will be terminated and your IP addresses will be blocked.

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    Hola amigo! I hope you enjoy our forum!

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    Thank you Rya ,
    Nice to meet you here .

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    From one Newbie to another...Hi!


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    Thank you John , Nice to meet you here

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