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New book I have just read

Article about: I have just finished an increadible book by Alderbert {Albert} Holl, called "An Infantryman in Stalingrad" the thing about this book is that it dated -23rd Sept 1942- to 2 Feb -194

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    Hey no problem, I am discovering new ones as posts keep coming in nearly every second day. There is one book I have read, many off you will have heard of it,
    The Forgotten Soldier, by Guy Sajer. Now I am told in the forward of this thick book it is the greatest strory of War since "All Quiet on the Western Front

    {which was not the greatest , that goes to the Australian soldier who in his book used every 4 letter word you can think of , but was banned from publication till 1938 {don't have his details to hand}

    Sajer was not a German, but Mum+ dad were of one side French other German {pretty sure French not Danish} The book is so riddled with what I call Post Traumatic Stress and Guilt complex I do not for a second doubt it could be a fake, on the other hand!!!

    Five Years -Five Fronts is a classic Junior Officers book so hard to put down, it is extraordinary he survived . I will find the Authors name for you as I have lent both books to my Brother

    Now you have another Title for me to find, thanks for that

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    Hi Chriso14, I have read The Forgotten Soldier and found it to be an excellent book. I have heard doubts about the authenticity of Sajer's account but I like to think of it as a true story. Have a look at The Forsaken Army, I think you will enjoy it. Cass

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    There as been so much written about Sven Hassel & his books . It is now belived that none of the books he wrote are true , they are instead the true or made up stories of other German soldiers .
    I personally don't really give a damn as to the authenticity of sven's work , his books show what hell the German soldiers went through & I certainly belive what he as written in his books to be a true account . I have the complete collection of his books which as been in my possession for over 20 years .
    As for the other book you mention five years , five fronts , I found the book very hard to get into . There was just something missing from the story that made it frankly boring .

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