'Heroes of War' a great new series of documentaries on the History Channel...and for once out in Australia before being released in Great Britian (where it was produced) or the US

Series 1 episode Link: Heroes of War Episode Guide - TV Shows - The History Channel from FOXTEL (Australia & New Zealand)

  1. Krystyna Skarbek: From Poland With Love
  2. Cichociemni: Silent and Unseen
  3. Witold Pilecki: A Volunteer For Auschwitz
  4. Zegota: Poland's Angels of Mercy

I am pleased to say I played a very, very, minor (material reference) role in the Witold Pilecki episode which was also inspired by the publishing of our recent Pilecki book

The 'Heroes of War' series is due out in around 40 countries. The first episode of the series (Pilecki) was just aired on the 9th February on Polish History Channel. The replays of the first episode are at 9pm on Friday 14th and at 10pm on Saturday 15th. Sunday 16th will follow with Episode 2: Enigma at 9pm.