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New PC

Article about: Ade. All you have to remember is i'm a "dimwit" where cpu's are concerned & i've had no trouble. So you shouldbe more than fine. Stewy S

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    Ade. All you have to remember is i'm a "dimwit" where cpu's are concerned & i've had no trouble. So you shouldbe more than fine. Stewy S

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    but have my main laptop wich is a hp windows xp and use this more

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    I have been a PC gamer for as long as i can remember and have used vista home premium since buying and modding my pc a number of years ago.

    Vista has given me nothing but hassle.

    Its incredibly system intensive or simply put "Greedy"

    I have 4gb of OCZ high performance ram, Vista takes 2 of those gb for itself leaving me with 2.

    It crashes, locks up, is extremely slow on a high performance and well maintained machine.

    makes a mess of your system, deletes things without permission, asks for administrative permission for everything.

    Has a large number of useless updates almost daily.

    It is impossible to locate and back up save game files, even if you manage to locate and back them up they wont work.
    The list of cons for vista go on and on and on and on.

    The pros- The user interface looks nice lol thats it.

    I changed back to xp just yesterday after yet another vista moment. Ive washed my hands with it.

    Good luck

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    Anybody heard of window's 7 i have just had it put on my daughter's lap top just want to know if any good, sorry for going on about pc's on a war relic's forum
    cheer's guy's,

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    Hi Ronnie, I have heard of it and have watched the video about it on Mircrosoft's website, but I have yet to know anyone who has tried it.

    My new PC is like something out of Star Trek I love it.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Nice BIG screen aswell Ade all the picture post's are great arn't they
    i will have a little go on it tomorrow as i have only jusy had it put on her's today.. she is a lot more advanced than me and she is only 12 i will report back on it monday have you set your pc up on the bridge ..captain

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    Let us know how it works. So far I find Vista OK.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Ade my daughter has had vista for the last couple of year's and she has never had trouble with it fact she loved it and said it was easy'er to use as it found any new addition's itself without disk's and stuff basically plug in and go
    will let you know anyway,
    cheer's Ronnie

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    At first, I too was weary of Vista. While there are some issues with the OS, it's not that bad. I'm fully converted now and begin to miss Vista when working on an XP OS.

    PS: The middle monitor is a 26" HDLCD & the monitor on the right is a 21" LCD, all three of the monitors provide you with a fairly decent sized desktop.
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