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New WRF Members

Article about: Hi Rick, Welcome! Glad to see you here and look forward to your participation.

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    Default Re: New WRF Members


    I am new to collecting and love this site as a resourse. Very knowledgable crew here. Lots of good threads to help with my collecting. Lots of nice pieces in members collections.

    Look forward to posting some of the pieces I picked up before using this site and getting opinions.


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    Default Re: New WRF Members


    I'm an Australian living in Scotland since 1993, and have had an interest in the Third Reich since the 1960s. I have been collecting original Third Reich photographs and albums (and other paraphernalia along the way) since the 1980s. My work career has alternated between advertising agencies (design and copywriting) and newspapers (design and journalism).

    Married to an Australian girl of German parentage, we now have six children, four of whom were born in Scotland. For the last six years I have been involved with the editorial and production of a local lifestyle publication, The North Magazine.

    The North Magazine - Home

    I'm also the joint owner of 20,000 glass plate photo negatives featuring portraits of Scottish Highlanders taken in the 1920s and 1930s. Anyone on the forum with Scottish ancestry from the Highlands might want to take a look at the archive. (It's just been launched with only 500 or so images online at the moment).

    Scottish Highlander Photo Archive - Home

    I've also recently launched a website to promote a new magazine for collectors of Third Reich photographs. There will be four 124-page issues a year (making almost 500 pages). It is a short-print run title which will only be sold via the Internet, and one subscription incentive is to be in with the chance to win 1,000 original photographs.

    The site features many photographs and indications of the kind of editorial coverage that is planned. There is also a free interactive 32-page digital edition that can be accessed to sample the style and format of the publication.

    Third Reich Family Photo Albums - Magazine

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    Default Re: New WRF Members

    Welcome to the forum.
    Live to ride -- Ride to live

    I was addicted to the "Hokey-Pokey" but I've turned
    myself around.

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    Default Hello Everyone!

    Hi Guys I'm Italian and My hobby is Collect German WW2 Militaria...Helmet and Equipment!

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    Default Re: Hello Everyone!

    Hello and welcome! I am sure you will find this forum very entertaining and informative. It may even become an addiction as it has taken hold of many of us here.

    Please post pictures of pieces or your whole collection as if it is not i others will indeed ask the same of you.

    rgds, Ty

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    Default Re: Hello Everyone!

    Welcome to the forum, we would love to see your collection
    some time.

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    Default Re: Hello Everyone!

    Quote by Panzer 3 View Post
    Welcome to the forum, we would love to see your collection
    some time.
    Hi Dave...I have posted some piece of My collection Today in the appropriated Room!

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    Default Re: Hello Everyone!

    hi and welcome trommel , i look forward to seeing your collection

    cheers Al

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    Default Re: Hello Everyone!

    Hello and welcome to the forum! I'm a new guy to and I can tell you from the short time Iv been here the guys that frequent this forum are all 1st class. Enjoy it!!

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    Default Re: Hello Everyone!

    G'day Trommel44
    Did you take a look at this thread? Love to hear your thoughts on this.
    Best Regards


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