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New WRF Members

Article about: Hi Rick, Welcome! Glad to see you here and look forward to your participation.

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    Jan is online now


    Quote by Jani Tiainen View Post

    I have been active for a long time in two other forums: Wehrmacht-awards and gmic but this seemed interesting, so here I am, finally registered. I heard good things about this forum and so it looks.

    I am military historian and dealer/auctioner of Orders, Medals and Militaria from Finland. My web site is: Finnmedals Kunniamerkkejä ja militariaa and the auction site (In germany) is Bene Merenti :: C. Lehrle (Christian Lehrle operates the auction Stuttgart).

    I am currently doing research in Foreign volunteers in Estonian war of independence and I have list of things I should go and see at the Danish military archives... so if there some who goes there frequently and is willing to help... please let me know.

    I collect interesting medal bars, EK1 1939 (different makers and variations) and Tirolian schutzen abzeichen.

    This is good news! Welcome to the forum Jani, looking forward to Your posts and expertise here too!



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    Quote by Sarge View Post
    Thought I had thrown in my .02 worth here, but looked and don't see anything.

    I started collecting WW 2 German with the purchased of a vet bring back (my unkle) K98k in 1953 to hunt deer with. I still have it, but quit shooting it in 1958 when I started using a G 43 to hunt with - still do.
    I collect primarily German weapons, but have long since expanded into Luftwaffe, primarily Fallschirmjäger, and
    W-SS. Also have a variety of misc items like medals u. badges - I also like documents among other things.
    When new stuff began to get hard to find I expanded into US and finally into Russian. I also have a bit of Brit.
    Would you mind posting pics of the G43, please?
    Actual in depth reviews and hunting experience are rare on the forum in regards to the G43.
    Please give us your impression of it.

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    My computer is currently dead that is why I'm at the library, thus no ability to post photos. Some day when I get this problem fixed I'll do so. If I could figure out how to get my new laptop on the internet I could do so thru it, but --

    I currently have about 15 G or K 43 rifles and a variety of accessories. I have scopes/mounts with accessories for about 5 and 3 or 4 extra scopes. Still looking for more mounts/rings.

    I have killed deer, antelope and cyotes with the G/K 43 over the years. I usualy have a scope mounted when hunting, but rarely use it because I am a bow ghunter with a rifle - translation, I like to see how good I am at stalking and prefer not to shoot till I am under 50 meters. My longest shot was an antelope at about 150 yds.
    My closest was a 4 point buck at 35 steps. I have photos of some of my kills that I can post when I finaly get my computer working.
    While the 43 is rather heavy by most peoples standards I do not find it so and very much enjoy hunting with one!
    I currently have 2 that I shoot/hunt with. One is a standard G 43 and the other is a K 43 that I rebarreled to 7.62 Nato. Both are mismatched, No way would I butcher/shoot a matching rifle!!!
    Forgot to add that I reload for the 43s because most commercial hunting ammo is round nose and will not feed in a 43. I use Herters semi-pointed 150 gr bullets and load two different loads, one for use in warm weather and the other for use in cold weather. I paint the base of the case green and blue respectively. Have to be careful about handloads because the 43 will not take the pressures that a K98k will.

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    Sounds like you know, what you are doing. Look forward to more about the old battle rifles in your possesion.
    Sounds like we are on the same page in regards to stalking. A long time hunter, I simply find it to be no challenge any more to kill a deer with a scoped rifle from afar whilst sitting in a stand (the hunter that is, not the deer).
    I like to stalk as well and see how close one can get. Makes for more of a challenge.
    Speaking of which, I like hog hunting and go after them with a knife only. No guns. Well, a mess of dogs of course, as I cant run as fast as hogs can, lol.
    Some collectors would be up in arms over ypur choice of hunting rifle (no pun intended).
    Im fine with it. They were meant to be used and mis-matched rifles are fine to use IMO.

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    Gentlemen, since there are members who disagree with hunting or may not have a hunting culture and this is not a hunting forum please do not post pictures of your kills, hunting trophies etc or they WILL be deleted. Many thanks for your cooperation.
    I collect, therefore I am.

    Nothing in science can explain how consciousness arose from matter.

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    Ohh, I believe we are all too aware of what the result of that would/could be by now. I for one dont need that hassle

    Further more, as you correctly state, this is not a hunting forum. Plenty of other venues for hunting pics.

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    Would still like pics of the hunting implements i.e. rifles though.
    When and if the PC of the rifle owner will be online of course.

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    I had responded to an inquiry - you don't like hunting comments then don't ask me hunting questions!

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    Was that comment directed at me, Sarge?

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    If it was directed at me then think again gentlemen as I remind you this is not a hunting forum and I will delete discussions about the subject or take other action available to me.
    Last edited by StefanM; 04-15-2014 at 09:08 AM.
    I collect, therefore I am.

    Nothing in science can explain how consciousness arose from matter.

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