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No words can say how angry this makes me feel

Article about: Mods please delete if needs be but im hoping just from the picture at the start and maybe from the video if anyone can please tell me if its a replica Purple heart. I watched this just now a

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    Sad to say the least.

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    It's too bad that none of these young idiots can figure out a way to create something, but they can all figure out a way to destroy something.
    I wish he had forgotten to use his pliers one time, then he could have kind of earned a "purple heart".
    What an ass!
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    "Last year I grew very bored and needed to find a means of venting my frustrations."... Yeah, I'd be frustrated too if I realized that I'm just a little good-fer-nothin' idiot.

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    Some people have no respect, and that includes none for themselves. If he he had self respect, he would value the sacrifices others made so that he could have the opportunities he has to live as free as anyone can today, the same freedom that lets him defile that sacred artifact. It's angering yes, but also very sad that this boy is lacking the positive influence of the pride that comes with reserving honor in your heart for our veterans and heroes. My eyes teared up just a bit when he took that torch to it. Just sad...

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    I don't know what is more messed up....that a bored kid made a video of his act of destruction or that I and over 3,000 others wasted 5 mins 57 seconds of their lives watching him do it. The latter I think.
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    Kids like this have no respect, his acts alone have offended many and possibly many others who have never seen his moronic acts. Veterans who literally have been injured in combat to receive the purple heart should not have to have a little autistic retard destroy a personal image of human sacrifice.

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    I often say that history is not in material objects, but in the memories and minds of people who experienced it. But what that kid just did was plain stupid.

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    Imagine how many more are around......

    Sad, very very sad....

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    Two words, dick head!...
    It's a wasted trip baby. Nobody said nothing about locking horns with no Tigers.

    I'm Spartacus, not really i'm Paul!...

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