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Normandy 2014

Article about: Evening all any going to france next week?

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    Default Normandy 2014

    Evening all any going to france next week?

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    Good morning, yep il be there next week onwards.

    best matty

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    I was there five years ago, great fun!

    A word of warning, it will be busy, be careful on the roads as people (especially in towns and villages) will be using the roads as pavements.

    Be prepared to find re-enactors lurking in every ditch, gateway and behind hedges. So if you need the loo at short notice, make sure you don't pee on anyone. This is from personal experience of a near miss.

    Expect delays on the roads as you follow convoys of Jeeps and other assorted military vehicles that don't travel as quickly as modern vehicles.

    If you can get to St Mere Eglise to see the parachute drops (assuming they will be happening), do so, it's an awesome spectacle.

    Restaurants and bars will be heaving at lunchtimes.

    Try and visit the big re-enactment 'camps' dotted around the area. Most of these will sell food in a period setting, join in and indulge!

    Take as many photos as you can and speak to as many veterans as you can.

    I have no idea if any world leaders/politicians will be attending memorial services but don't expect to be able to get near the locations. There will be armed protection officers on every bridge, slip road, side road within a few miles who will turn you back.
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    For the 6th of june, the coasts are closed for cars, not for motorcycles.
    German uniforms and cars are prohibited.( In the past we had "SS"in Ste Mère L'Eglise)
    The best Militaria forum in France is here :

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    I am sure cricketchris1944 will be there

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    I hope your all enjoying it today.
    Really fantastic to meet 3 US vet's at the Utah beach museum - top marks to them for making the effort to come!
    German militaria prices here in france are very expensive, easily 30% plus on uk stuff so wont be coming home with any additional goodies - despite my effort chasing militaria fairs over the last two days!

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    Every day, on the Fench TV, we see, people going to the beaches with cars.....(US)
    It's fool.
    The best Militaria forum in France is here :

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    In English.
    Good luck if you planned to visit.

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