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NSDAP Perth 1938

Article about: My Dear Audience, The cause of our meeting today is the birthday of our leader Adolf Hitler..............We must be proud to be connected with him in memory of him an

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    Default NSDAP Perth 1938

    My Dear Audience,
    The cause of our meeting today is the birthday of our leader Adolf Hitler..............We must be proud to be connected with him in memory of him and our homeland, we will have three cheers - sieg heil for Adolf Hitler and sing Deutschland's and Horst Wessel song.

    This speach was given at 865 Hay St, Perth, Western Australia on the 20th of April, 1938 by Karl Schwarz the Perth leader of the NSDAP. He, his wife and many of his supporters were full members of the Nazi party. He and his wife are circled in the photo, now that is a party badge I would like in my collection, I wonder what ever happened to it?
    Cheers, Dave.
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    It's interesting to see how strong the NSDAP was in Australia....many German ex pats were drawn to it as a place to meet fellow patriotic and proud Germans. Before the war German merchant hips arriving in Port Melbourne and in Adelaide would drop off pallet loads of propoganda, German newspapers and party leaflets...there was and still is a large German community in the Adelaide hills....
    I also recall my last visit to the Australian War Memorial, I photographed the NSDAP banner for the Sydney branch!!! Will upload a pic when I get home

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    Look forward to the pic mate!

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    Well there you go, learn something new everyday. Actually never though of the NSDAP being here. I wounded what happened to all of the propaganda.

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    I think I'll be hitting the Antique stores around Hahndorf and Lobenthal in the Adelaide hills on my next visit!!!

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    Default Re: NSDAP Perth 1938

    i have seen photos of halls in South Australia decked out with nazi flags celebrating hitlers birthday, you would swear it was in berlin. South Australia has a large German population. The barossa valley and harndorf are two area that have German heritage. there were a lot that fought for australia in both wars. My grandfather fought along side Australians with German ancestors in the 2/48th battalion and i vaguely remember a story he told me of one of his mates meeting a distant relative that had been taken prisoner.

    here you go i found a photo of the German club in Adelaide
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    Yes AMTG,

    Adelaide (and South Australia as a whole) are a treasure trove. I completed my recruit training there in the Airforce, Mum and Dad attended my Graduation parade and I was then allowed weekend leave. Dad took me to Hahnsdorf and introduced me to 8 ex-serving Waffen SS, interestlingy I would ask to buy anything of their service belongings but they ALL said "when this means nothing more to me I will burn or bury it, it is not for others"

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    May I join this Australian thread? LOL

    I was surprised also that the NSDAP was in Australia, but it seems the Nazis were everywhere including my hometown. When I was about 17yoa, I visited a friend's friend for some computer gaming. When we arrived at this home, northside Chgo, I was stunned to see the home dressed in TR flags, flatware, etc. It was a nice day outside and I peeked out the window. The owner ran to me and pushed me out of the way and said that the curtains don't open at this house. The NSDAP may be gone but the Nazis seem to be alive and well. I had no idea that I was going to a home like this and have never returned. (now that I think about it, wish I had asked for some items) I am glad the Nazi party ended when it did and if I offend someone, offense intended.


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    Your Welcome , Greenhorn

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    Quote by greimers View Post
    Your Welcome , Greenhorn
    Thank you, lol. I would love a visit to your lovely country! Especially during the Aussie Open.

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