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Article about: Done all sorts over the years, toolmaker originally, the rest in no particular order, Dispatch rider, Gardener, Bin man, grave digger, building worker, shop worker, bar worker on a nudist be

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    Remembrance is my trade.
    Take a mother in auto accident mangled and then be able to see her the same as you remember now not so humorous and hard work..
    I was working 8yrs ago after working in the motorcycle biz since 17 yrs old and managed a major dealership for 8 yr then the wife got me and I do What I do now what I do to pay the bills..

    Eric REPLY by Eric Zentner Owner of Fraley funeral supply and some mortuary restorative art school.
    To Dan... this goes with that opinion.
    Both Eric and Brett work in professions people are dying to get into! ... boom, boom.

    ..... oh that was bad, sorry.
    Ever met an engineer that was also a stand up?
    Yeah, that's why. :-)
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    [h=3]e plu·ri·bus u·num[/h]

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    Retired USMC, now working as a Corrections Deputy.

    Always looking for information on 6.SS-Nord

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    Actor/ Model... Not really, international banking actually. And Digger when I can!

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    Avionics Technitian (studying) and Historical Vehicle Maintenance and Restoration.

    Here's some of the beasties I get to work on, and then display with my reenactment group. Unfortunately I can't post many pictures from within the workshop as many of the vehicles have not been announced to the public yet.

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    Started at 15 doing maintenance, then became an electrician and kitchen manager throughout school. Recently after I got my degree in History, I started working for the Police.... someday I plan on moving to a more related field to my degree :P

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    Student (physiology), 2 years compulsory National Service (medical technologist at clinical laboratory of military hospital) and then for last 34 years researcher (meat science)

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    Worked in a Japanese metal architect company in a shop assembly department (2009~2012). Transferred to China looking after a Shanghai factory as a Production Manager since last Spring.

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    Poor University student by day, beer taster by night.

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