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One more tomorrow

Article about: Guys,If your not too busy i,d like you to look at a new song on Youtube, Entitled "One more tomorrow" from a band called Breaking the code, this is a song honouring all the fightin

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    Well its slowly rising in the Youtube viewing , and facebook is progressing, lets see what happens

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    Cannot fault the sentiment behind wanting to honour all those whom our various governments put in harms way on our behalf, and these men and women do deserve our respect and honour for their service - often sacrificing their limbs and lives in that service.

    But where are the images of the fallen being brought back home, or the memorial at Bastion that will be left behind later this year or those with missing limbs out of rehab and heroically getting on with life etc IMO the video accompanying the tribute song is a naive glossy compilation of military PR shots and remind me of army recruitment campaigns of old.

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    The images were sent in by various people, all of whom allowed the pictures to be shown without copyright, they were not obtained by the band, but thanks for your comments

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    Well things are looking up, their gig went extremely well, and although i,m not a terrific band follower, they were damn good compared to some of the others, you could hear the vocals and the sound was,nt overpowering,there were about 100 odd people there and from what i could see most if not all showed their appreciation ,which means they have a better than average chance of appearing at the main venue, where there will be a couple of thousand spectators. I,d like to thank all the members who viewed the youtube footage and song, the more views they get the better chance of progressing and the more for the charity for the youngsters

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    Great stuff Dave! I hope the band does really well mate, good luck to them.

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    Thanks SG, every little bit helps

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