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Operation Bagration

Article about: Comrades every one knows the Allied operations only when i was talking to an American re-enactor he had never heard of Operation Bagration Not only was it the MOST successful operation in th

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    My interests lie in both Eastern and Western Fronts and i know all about Op Bagration but appreciate that it wasn't the sort of thing that was generaly taught or known about in the West, The Eastern Front was the main front that in the end that decided the war and Bagration was one of the greatest breakthroughs and advances in History, but Normandy was not easy going at all !!!! If you think it was easy have a look at photos of the Falaise pocket.

    It was three months of hard slog that cost hundreds of thousands of casualties on both sides and the second front took some of the pressure off the Russian forces, Stalin had been wanting a second front since 1942.

    Also Some of the German units in Normandy were poor quality second rate units but i don't think you label any of the following with that , LAH , Das Reich, Frundsburg , Hohenstaufen , Hitler Jugend , Gotz von Berlichen , 2 Panzer , 9 Panzer, 21 Panzer , Panzer Lehr etc etc.

    Some of the best German units who didn't make Normandy easy,



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    Quote by Nick VR View Post
    No it's yust the failure of our school system and lack off intrest in history itself. Most youngsters can't even name three Allied operations, what would be the point of teaching them about Soviet ones. The same applies for the ex-Soviet Union...
    No schools have the time to go deep into WWII history and teach about the different offensives during WWII. Even in a university class of 45 hours on the Soviet Union history they won't have time to teach you that. Unless you take a very specialized university class on WWII, you might learn about the different operations runned during WWII.

    It's not a matter that our school systems have no interest in history, it's just that the explanation of "WWII operations" are too precise to be thought at any given school or university. The time allowed for each lessons doesn't permit it.

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    There your story,There my story,And there History

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