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Operation citadel

Article about: Beware. This guy is sending false information on our forum. He goes by Andrew C. and states he has a credit union account in Portland Oregon! If he approaches you about buying anything from

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    Zero posts says it all, I question why someone joins this great forum just to flog something when there are plenty of other avenues out there to do that. I suppose they think at least everyone here is into collecting militaria but they probably don't realise just how switched onto dodgy buggers Ade and team are!

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    i had a message from a user on here called Sultan , with 0 posts and loads of russian items,

    any idea if he's genuine? might be worth checking his email too

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    Already expelled. A known crook from Bulgaria. But one forum member sent 200 to him via another alter ego ......

    The same modus operandi as all the others.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    Thanks for the heads-up, guys. We 'newbies' really appreciate this sort of thing!

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    I was approached by Sultan as well. One thing that made me leery was that he was very insistent or almost desperate about selling his stuff!! He even set up a pay pal account after I told him I wouldn't do a wire transfer!!

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    hmmmmm the funny thing is a couple of months ago i sold 2 HJ daggers to conner darrow at that email addy, but the guy lives in Missouri. i got the impression he was young. he sent payment with no problem.
    he has asked on the forum about safe dealing, because he was looking to buy a RAD dagger from some guy in Germany, the deal fell through. i asked him because i was curious if it was a good deal.
    so if the guy refferenced to at the beginning of this thread is conner, something is really fishy. because he's in the usa.

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    I am not sure if he is involved, but his name was on the original email I received as well as operation citadel. The account he wanted the money sent to was a credit union in the US under the name Christy D Brooks. If she is located in Missouri there could be a connection or he could have been approached with the same items I was........not sure!!!

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    all i can say is that i had no issues in dealing with Conner Darrow.
    i do know another member here has had his email hijacked, and i'm getting spam email's from his addy, but he's not sending it out. i suggest to every one that they put their own email addy in their address book. then if any thing like that happens, you find out right away because you get the spam too.
    i had to double check, he's in MICHIGAN not missouri my mistake.

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    I think he was approached just like I was. Sorry for the mistake. I just sent him and email and told him what was going on and that he sent money he needs to investigate. He probably approached several people on here I would imagine and if anyone sent cash..........he got away with some money!!

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    Oh dear....
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