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Other hobbies besides collecting militaria?,

Article about: I like mushroom hunting, garden job, plastic models ( but have not time for that)

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    Quote by rbminis View Post
    Thanks Greg!
    Any photos?
    No photos. It's packed away in storage.
    Live to ride -- Ride to live

    I was addicted to the "Hokey-Pokey" but I've turned
    myself around.

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    yes please eric post the pics ,i love the Camaro ,now thats what you call a car ,my 1.6 lt engine sounds quite pitifull now cheers james

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    LOL yeah. I used to cover a V8 late model racing series until recently. Now *those* made a truly wonderful noise. A whole grid full, and your bones'd be turned to jelly - especially from where I used to be down on the fence line.

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    Me,my hobby (and a way of increasing my money inputs,beside this..) has nothing to do with militaria.

    I am an architectural model maker,and I am a huge enthusiast of architecture,and specialy brutal architecture.
    So i realize artworks on the subject.
    I first choose a building that makes my heart beat,and then i try to find a dramatic picture of it.
    Then,on Autocad ,i symplify the shapes enough until i am happy.
    Then i use our lazercutting machine to cut sheets of acrylic to the forms i have drawned.I also use aluminium foil.
    The rest is a question of painting(airbrush + my hands).The background is a mix of black paint and wood dust,patinated and drybrushed.(to look like concrete)
    I enclose some views of my recent work.Average dimentions 1.30 meter by 90 cm
    I have already sold a dozen of these .
    Let me tell you that i'm quite proud of the result.
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    I have to admit that modern / abstract art isn't my thing, but those are really striking. Can just imagine them hanging on the wall in some posh restaurant or in some minimalist urban apartment.

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    Default 1962 Oldsmobile Starfire

    Of all my cars, I like the styling of this one the very best.
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    I have been keeping busy with wood carving. the one shown in progress, i'm working on now. I even tried my hand at carving bone. the bone looked a little like a tree stump, so I thought an owl would work well with it.
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    I think I said I am a fan of Pocket watches,.... My small collection, None of them work. Thanks Steve who gave me some of them. I still really apriciate it.


    Here is my pride and joy. A Silver Birmingham pocket watch. Dating to around 1922 I think. Made by The Dennison Watch Case Co.
    It Belonged to my Great grandfather.

    It's in pretty bad shape, there is something broken in the movement that's very hard to get to among other things. I brought it to a Jewellers and they gave me an estimate of 140, and I didn't really think they would do a good job on it. I need to find an enthusiast to repair it and there is none around here I know of.

    012.jpg011 (2).jpg015.jpg

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    Very nice Patrick do you carry a pocket watch or just collect them ?
    I myself have three or four and wear one every day I had some custom leather carriers for my pocket watches built so I can wear them off of my belt one for work and one for dress if you are interested I will post an image or two.

    Regards Mark K

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    No I don't wear them, maybe one day I would wear the family Heirloom watch if I got it repaired. I would love to see your Pocket watches and the leather carriers.


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