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Our grandfathers and fathers and relatives in military service!

Article about: by Spitace41 Looks like he was in the Home Guard? Indeed and must be before he joined the navy. Great pic and a great family history you have (Col) James.

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    I just saw this thread for the first time...

    My 2 cents (or shall I say, my 2 grandfathers):

    From my mother's side - he served in the Royal Hungarian Army in WW2 as Private (PV2) - according to this 1944 photo.
    He was captured by the US Army - so he feared much better than my other grandfather -

    Sukki_Papa_1944 (2).jpg

    From my father's side - Also a soilder in the Hungarian Royal Army - he served as a private in the Eastern Front, and was captured by Soviets during Stalingrad - he was in a Soviet prisoner camp in Siberia for 3 years - but eventually returned home (with all kinds of health problems).

    FABIAN_PAPA_WW2 (2).jpg

    Because of these 2 photos - I've started collecting WW2 stuff around 3 years ago.
    Both of them passed on years ago...


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    Thanks for posting these family pics and the info.

    Would you happen to know the details of how one of your grandfathers were in a position to be captured by US forces?

    Please note; Im in no way, shape or form doubting you - Im merely interested in which outfit he fought. I assume this must have been around the 'end game,' a period which holds my interest.

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    Unfortunately, I don't know unit numbers (but I'm on it) - his unit was with the Germans in Austria, near the German border in 1945.
    The US officer who captured him was a real nice guy, he even offered him to take him and his wife (my grandmother) back to US with him. (He probably knew that the Soviets will stay in Hungary for good)
    But, my grandmother's younger sister wanted to stay - so everyone stayed...

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    Very interesting as usual, thanks. Too bad they didnt go to the US, when they got the offer, but country and family ties can be strong even in the face of certain hardship.
    As you've shared before, they were in for not so pleasent times behind the Iron Curtain.

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    the colored version - since then I found out that collar patch should be brown, not green - since ha was with logistical / supply column

    Sukki_Papa_1944 copy_edited-1.jpg

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    A great pic of your Grandfather.
    What a difference the dash of colour and sepia tones make in contrast to the B&W version of the pic.

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    This is quite modern and nothing special, but I'd thought I'd share it as a part of my family history. It's from my fathers military ID, when he served in the 1st Separate Signals Company in 1983. He has lots of funny memories from that time, such as being on guard duty when a drunken officer was wondering around aggressively with his weapon. He is from far up north: Rovaniemi and he was stationed in Oulu.
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    My great-grandfather Emil Perttula in Kiestinki.

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    My great-grandfather Antti Pirkola, a veteran of the Finnish Civil War. He fought on the side of Whites in Liminka, Oulu and Tampere.

    I've added these photos before, but I thought that I'd share these in better quality.
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    In post 3 I introduced Wilhelm Schenk, my grandfather I never learned to know.
    He often did send my grandmother cards of all kinds (and many loveletters).
    As it is about Easter now, I would like to post a card he did send in April 1915 to
    my grandmother: Gesegnete Ostern (blessed Easter). Very seasonable at
    this moment. The other card was from about the same period.

    "Wir sollen auch unser Leben für die Brüder lassen" (1.Joh.3.16):
    zum Gedächtnis Wilhelm Schenk. Er starb fürs Vaterland am 13. Juni 1916

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